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11 October 2019

Rent the Runway declares they are back to business. Which one?

The well-known fashion renting company received an avalanche of bad comments following a series of fulfilment and inventory problems experienced at the end of September. Management responded promptly with an adequate damage control strategy, a well-positioned media presence and checks written to angry customers. After a shorter than expected time the company returned to declare that the issues caused by the new system were solved, and that the company is “back to business” as usual. As a customer who had experienced more than once their lack of reliability prior to September 24th, I ask myself: are they going back to what they were, or to a business we can 100% count on?

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Posted by Mirela Gluck at 05:38 AM
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11 October 2019

One more reason to fall in love with fall is the long-awaited H&M designer collaboration. This year H&M has brought Pringle of Scotland, a “champion of British heritage” to their home of “fashion at the best prices” and the result is a practical yet sophisticated collection. From cosy jumpers to elegant sportswear and even some coordinate sweaters (argyle, anyone?) for you and your doggie, this collection can easily find place in everyone’s winter wardrobe. The materials used: cotton, recycled polyester and some wool, show H&M’s new commitment toward creating less harmful fashion.

The H&M Collaboration with Pringle of Scotland Is Here

The H&M Collaboration with Pringle of Scotland Is Here

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20 August 2014

It’s time to delete all those apps on your phone that you haven’t opened up in forever. You know — the ones you can’t remember downloading and that have collected virtual e-dust while taking up precious space on your device.

Once you’ve done a full sweep and nixed your neglected apps, you’ll have plenty of room to download and play with some of the latest and greatest style apps to hit the market. Below are six of our favorites.

Style Thief

For: iOs, (coming soon to Android)
Cost: Free

Miss Kate Bosworth launched her Style Thief app in July 2014 with co-founder Samantha Russ and we’re in L-O-V-E love. “Everyone has fashion envy,” Bosworth told Vogue Magazine. “Everyone can relate to that feeling of looking at an editorial, for example — or a friend, or the runway, for that matter — wanting to steal something exactly as you’re seeing it, or something similar.” The app allows you to search for, find and buy any garment or accessory you see. Genius!

Style Thief App


For: iOS, Android, PC
Cost: Free

StyleTag serves as a social networking, curation and discovery platform that’s focused 100% on fashion. It’s used by top bloggers and style icons around the globe and helps users stay up to date on the latest trends. In addition to discovering new looks, you can also share your own finds for others to comment on. The app has a streamlined, gorgeous interface and is easy to use.

StyleTag App


For: iOS
Cost: Free

Saving money is always a good thing, and the GoodShop app helps make that even easier for shoppers-on-the-go. It’s loaded with over 200k coupons, deals and promo codes for thousands of popular retailers, including Macy’s, Target, Nordstrom and Amazon. Plus, every time you use the app, 3% of your purchase goes toward a charity of your choice for no extra cost.

GoodShop App


For: iOS
Cost: $3.99

If you’re the type who struggles with what to keep and what to donate or sell, this is the app for you. Stylebook tracks how often you wear things, which gives you some fancy pants data-based insight into whether or not a piece is worth keeping around. It also helps you keep track of how much you spend on clothing and allows you to share pictures with others to get their input on whether you should keep it or toss it.

StyleBook App


For: iOS, PC
Cost: Free

After you’ve decided what you want to toss, head on over to Tradesy (available on iOS and your PC) to make a little cash. If you’re not interested in selling, you can shop for gently used goods from others trying to make a little dough. This app is great because it’s super style-centered and features everything from rare designer handbags to wedding dresses to vintage accessories to designer ready-to-wear.

Tradesy App


For: iOS, Android
Cost: Free

Consider Stylicious a virtual closet organizer; it’s kind of like an updated version of Cher’s e-closet in the movie Clueless. We love this app because it allows you to organize all of your garments and accessories in one space, making it easier to plan and visualize your outfits from head to toe. All you do is snap pictures of your tops, bottoms, dresses, jewelry, shoes and bags, then store them within the app. From there, you can mix and match items to create the perfect look. Stylicious also allows you to get inspiration from the app’s stylists, and it features a shopping portal.

Stylicious App

By Wendy Rose Gould

Posted by Wendy Rose Gould at 09:00 AM
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12 February 2013

You are An Actor on Life's Stage: Don't Just Buy Clothes, Invest in Your Brand

How many times have you gone to your favorite retailer to try on clothes? And how many times have you wondered to yourself, “Is this a wise purchase?” Now, how many times did you go ahead with the purchase, despite your better judgement, only to have said garment(s) linger in the murky depths of your wardrobe, tags still attached?

Any woman who enjoys shopping has likely been in that predicament, myself included. And the same old tune plays over and over again. You keep telling yourself you’ll put it on; that you’ll finally wear it out of the house. But every time you throw it over your head or zip it up, it just doesn’t “feel right” and back to the closet it goes.

The biggest culprit of the “dress destined to gather dust in your closet”? The discount rack.

Getting a killer deal feels great, but understand this: Even if you’re saving 75% on that Michael Kors pant or DVF frock, you’re actually wasting money if you never wear it.

So how does a bargain loving fashionista amend her ingrained shopping habits? By understanding — and investing in — her personal brand.

Think of your closet as actors’ garb. Who are you? What is the message you want to convey to the world? Once you can answer those questions (which does require thoughtful, inward contemplation), you’re better equipped to plan your wardrobe.

The clothing and accessories that a business woman in her late 40s wears should reflect the fact that she's an established, successful woman who's self assured.

Take, for example, “Sarah,” a figurative business woman in her late 40s who works in a corporate setting and recently back in the dating market. The clothing and accessories that “Sarah” wears should reflect the fact that she’s an established, successful woman who’s self assured. Because she’s single and hoping to meet a winsome partner at the cafe, happy hour or otherwise, “Sarah” would benefit from wearing clothing that’s (tactfully) inviting.

A single, early 30s woman would do well with a wardrobe full of fresh patterns and prints.

“Maggie” serves as another illustration. She’s a single, early 30s woman who makes roughly 75k a year and lives in a Manhattan studio apartment. She works in a fast-paced, new media setting and devours fashion blogs (alongside garden fresh salads) on her lunch break. In order to convey her spritely spirit and passion for fashion, “Maggie” would do well with a wardrobe full of fresh patterns and prints, the season’s hottest colors and enough statement accessories to sate her style needs.

See how both women can still be on trend and in the style know, but each have their own distinct personal brand?

Planning a wardrobe does take time, but the effort pays off both financially and in terms of your personal brand. Start by accumulating a set of wardrobe must-haves (basics you know you’ll wear often), along with accessories that speak to your personal aesthetic. Then, whenever you shop, ask yourself the following questions: Does this convey who I am? When and where will I wear this outfit? Do I have the appropriate accessories/pieces at home to create an outfit with this garment?

If you can answer all those questions easily, buy it. Buy it because it speaks to your personal brand and not because it’s on sale or because you feel like spending money.

By following the above steps, you’ll create an enviable wardrobe that ensures you’ll have something to wear for all occasions. The best part? You’ll save money along the way, even if you do make a few big splurges.

Tip: go through your closet to get rid of anything you haven’t worn — or will not wear — in 18 months. Donate these items, sell them or return them to the store if possible. Designate that money to your “new purchases” fund.

You are An Actor on Life's Stage: Don't Just Buy Clothes, Invest in Your Brand

By Wendy Rose Gould

Posted by Wendy Rose Gould at 07:30 AM
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