Time Out for Social Media Celebs, Time In For NYC Sample Sales

FacebookTwitterEmail Alert! Alert! We like these sale events this week: Wolford, James Perse, and SoulCycle. But hey, don’t call us “Influencers.” We’ve never been fans of the term, and frankly a handful of people are unhappy with the concept too…

Unless you yourself are one of said influencers, you likely don’t know that the FTS recently sent letters to popular social media celebrities, informing them that they’re in violation of the new stricter guidelines requiring that any sponsored content be “conspicuously disclosed” in “unambiguous” language “within the first three lines of text.”

Who are these violators? Not a bunch of nobodies… among the celebrities and brands who’ve failed to disclose paid collaborations are names you’ll recognize: Kourtney Kardashian, Victoria Beckham, Adidas, Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent. And not that they need it, but they’re making a pretty penny too.

The world of sales is undergoing a major makeover—and it’s definitely the YouTube, product-flashing, tutorial kind. Instagram influencers and bloggers with enough followers are the new all-star sales people that brands want to hire; they bring in as much as one full third of the traffic for companies like Net-A-Porter. But the relationship is different than any typical employment. These influencers are constantly courted and wooed by companies that spend less and less money on sponsoring traditional campaigns. These brands prefer to throw money at new mediums in an attempt to attract the ever-elusive millennial. The irony is that these bloggers are coming full circle when they themselves start reaping the benefits of the model that they have tried to eliminate. And we get it; when someone throws money at you, it's easy to make decisions from a personal place rather than one of principle.

Is Amazon Responsible for the Slow Sample Sale Season? So in the spirit of transparency: no one is giving us any pennies—pretty or otherwise. No one is paying us to share our opinions. We stand on this soapbox for the sheer joy of standing on it (and perhaps because it feels like a catwalk?)! So listen up because we're about to wax poetic about sample sales…

Nothing says California beach like the soft cotton James Perse t-shirt. You will find men's and women's apparel, accessories, footwear, and home furnishings at up to 70% off MSRP at the James Perse Sample Sale. Fun fact: the company once ran a campaign featuring Maye Musk, the mother of none other than Elon Musk, in an attempt to appeal to customers of all ages.

Are you a member of the SoulCycle cult-following? Then get ready to spin (no, not that kind) with joy because they are organizing a sample sale where you can find the usual club attire at discounted prices.

And though we're no influencers, we are self-proclaimed psychics—our sample sale crystal ball reveals the Wolford sample sale is going to be an exceptionally good one. The Austrian hosiery and lingerie company has recently lost its designer and has reported financial losses, so we can expect to find hefty discounts on everything: tights, apparel, lingerie, bodysuits, and accessories.

Feeling… influenced? Well, we promise our influence comes at no benefit to us—other than the pure joy we get for having assisted in the betterment of your closet. 😉

16 October 2017

Maje Sample Sale and Rent the Runway Sample Sale in LA

FacebookTwitterEmail Entertainment Weekly says goodbye to New York, and hello to LA. While we understand the reasons behind what was called a strategic move, we can’t help by wonder if New York is doing enough to maintain its status as the largest media market in North America.

LA Is known for its open-mindedness and a modern attitude and this week sample sales are certainly aligned with that LA free spirit.

You will have a chance to add some modern, vibrant ready-to-wear and accessories and turn yourself into a LA girl with French “je ne sais quoi” at the Maje LA sample sale.

The very first LA sample sale the company is organizing will take place between October 10th and October 15th at the Eclipse Sample Sales, 315 S Robertson Blvd, West Hollywood.

Booking is required, make sure you are on the list http://eclipse-official.com/.

You don’t mind gently loved items?  You can take up to 90% off slightly used designer dresses, ready-to-wear, and accessories at this five day LA sample sale from Rent the Runway, hosted by 260 Sample Sale in Beverly Hills. Among the featured brands will the oh, so LA, Elizabeth and James, Tibi, Alexis, Carven, and more.  You can get a VIP ticket for the Tuesday preview and a discount, for free here or you can show up for the sale Wed: 9am-8pm, Thur-Sat: 10am-8pm, Sun: 10am-4pm at 260 Sample Sale,  265 N. Beverly Drive, Beverly Hills CA 90210.

Be free, be fabulous, be smart. Happy shopping!

09 October 2017

Miami Needs Help- How to (Wisely) Give Back

FacebookTwitterEmail If you have been following us for a while, you might have suspected we’re obsessed with sample sales, style and fashion. And while we won’t deny this, in the wake of the recent hurricanes we feel it’s time to talk about ways to give back.

What follows is a quick and easy list of organizations we have reviewed, who have feet on the ground in southern Florida and could use our help.

Direct Relief

Their mission is to improve the health and lives affected by poverty and emergency. Their website clearly shows where the aid goes.

Florida Disaster Fund

State of Florida’s official private fund was established to assist Florida’s communities as they respond to and recover during times of emergency or disaster.

Food for the Poor

Food for the Poor helps communities in the path of Hurricane Irma to rebuild and heal. Over 95% of your donation goes directly into food for those who need it most.

Hope South Florida

Hope South Florida is a 501c3 Christian-based non-profit that provides crisis and re-housing programs in the wake of Irma.

Giving Children Hope

Giving Children Hope works closely with their partners to stage and deliver immediate emergency response resources for Irma-impacted areas in Florida and the Caribbean.

The Humane Society

Humans aren’t the only creatures affected by Hurricane Irma. Thousands of pets are being displaced by Irma and The Humane Society provides food and shelter.

In this case, and every time you are ready to donate for a worthy cause, make sure that the organization is trustworthy. We use the Charity Navigator  and their objective ratings to find charities we can trust and support. Furthermore, we make sure the charity is directly involved in the cause we want to support, in this case the victims of hurricane Irma.

18 September 2017