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"Improve your Style and Wardrobe" a successful New Year resolution -part four

28 January 2012

Nothing’s more overwhelming than peering into a disorganized wardrobe where no garment has a home of its own. In fact, a chaotic closet makes planning your ensembles a nightmare and, as a result, may hinder your 2012 goal to “Improve Your Style and Wardrobe.”

If your closet looks like a fashion explosion, it’s time to do some major organizing. Not only will organizing your closet make it prettier to look at, but it’s a prime opportunity to evaluate what clothing you can donate. Bonus: You may even find a few gems you haven’t seen in ages.

Four Steps to an Organized Closet

1. Take Your Time

Organizing any part of your home requires time and patience. Dedicate a good three to five hours to the mission and ask that others let you have your space while you’re working. The key is to make organizing your closet an enjoyable experience. Hum along to your favorite music, pour a glass of your preferred adult beverage and take as much time as you need.

2. Sort Garments

Begin your organizational mission by sorting everything by garment type. Create tidy piles for t-shirts, sweaters and cardigans, jeans, heels, flats, gowns, etc. Once you have everything divided according to type, begin organizing the individual piles. You can do this multiple ways. For example, some prefer organizing by color, others by fabric.

P.S. As you sort, create a donation pile. If you haven’t worn the piece in over a year — and if it holds no sentimental value — it’s time to set it free.

3. Clean and Prepare

Think of your now barren closet as a white canvas. Examine your space and determine if you need more organizational bins, racks, baskets, shelves or hanging racks. The more compartmentalized your closet is, the easier it’ll be for you to stay organized. Some prefer an open-air organizational system that allows them to see everything on display. Others prefer keeping their garments in drawers or behind doors. Either is fine, so think about what works best for you and buy additional organizational pieces as necessary. Also, don’t forget to buy plenty of narrow, but quality hangers. They’ll give your hanging garments room to breath. Avoid wire hangers, as they leave indents on clothing and are prone to rusting.

4. Put Garments Back

Now that you’ve got a clean closet and enough space for all your garments, it’s time to put everything in its proper place. Start by choosing which piles work best on a hanger, on a shelf or in a box. For example, undergarments and socks work best in baskets or boxes. Jeans are displayed nicely on a shelf and gowns should always be hung to preserve their integrity.

By Wendy Rose Gould

Posted by Mirela Gluck at 01:21 AM
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Improve your Style and Wardrobe" a successful New Year resolution -part three

23 January 2012

January is a cold and dreary month for most of us, filled with sludgy snow (that leads to soggy shoes) and frozen fingers. With the lack of color and same coat recycled daily, it’s easy to feel uninspired in terms of style.

Don’t let Mother Nature get you down, though, ladies. TheStylishCity wants to inspire your fashion senses and help you reach all your 2012 fashion goals. Today we’re moving on to part three of our “Improve Your Style and Wardrobe” series: 5 Magazines and 3 Books to Refine Your Look


A must read for 2012: 5 Magazines and 3 Books to Refine Your LookAs you look through your favorite fashion magazines, mark pages with looks that inspire you. Really examine your favorite outfits to determine what appeals to you most. Is it the layers? Is it the mix of textures, patterns or colors? Or is it the way the model or celebrity accessorizes? Don’t be afraid to jot down notes as you flip the pages and refer back to your notes while shopping.

Vogue Magazine

If you’re looking for an authority on fashion, Vogue Magazine is your go to glossy. Its pages feature everything from the hottest fashion trends to beauty tips to health and fitness advice.

W Magazine

Do you consider yourself a refined woman? Then this elegant, opulent and colorful fashion magazine is the perfect fit. It’s brimming with lavish clothing, luxurious accessories and everything in between.

Elle Magazine

For those who prefer a more light hearted approach to fashion, give Elle Magazine a go. It’s chock-full of inspiring, attainable fashion, beauty and entertainment news.

Harper’s Bazaar

As another fashion authority, Harper’s Bazaar always delivers. Its filled with glamourous fashion trends, top models and behind-the-scene glimpses into high society fashion.

InStyle Magazine

With InStyle Magazine, you’ll learn what — and who — today’s Hollywood celebs are wearing. In addition to fashion, InStyle Magazine also features beauty and lifestyle advice.


While magazines focus more on trends, books provide evergreen content that’ll help you look — and feel — amazing for years to come. Here are three must-own fashion books that come highly recommended.

The Look Book: 50 Iconic Beauties and How to Achieve Their Signature Styles

Author Erika Stalder authored this fun and insightful book, which teaches you how to look like your favorite iconic celebrities. From Audrey Hepburn’s winged eyes to Veronica Lake’s peek-a-boo curls, Stalder’s covered them all.

The Bra Book: The Fashion Formula to Finding the Perfect Bra

Believe it or not, the perfect bra is vital to your look. Author Jene Luciani teaches her readers about bra faux pas, fallacies, facts and fit. A must read for all women.

I Love Your Style: How to Define and Refine Your Personal Style

Author Amanda Brooks is “a lifelong fashion chameleon with an unerring eye for the elements of personal style.” This colorful book, dubbed a “style bible,” features a diverse array of styles, from bohemian to high fashion to cheap chic and beyond.

Stay tuned for part four of our “Improve Your Style” series, which teaches you how to devise a streamlined (and enjoyable) shopping strategy

By Mirela Gluck

Posted by Mirela Gluck at 11:54 AM
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