Charlie Girl

2 May 2013

Meet Charlie Girl: One Fabulous, Manhattan Poodle

Sometimes, I look at my two sultry felines and think to myself, “Wow. They really have it made.” And sometimes, just sometimes, I get a wee bit envious of their lavish catnaps on the fuzzy sheepskin rug in my bedroom, or the fact that they get free, organic food three times a day without having to lift a finger (or would that be paw?).

I’m getting off topic. Kind of. Only because instead of discussing cats, I’m writing today to talk to you about dogs. One dog, actually. A New York City poodle who goes by the name, “Charlie Girl.” This fabulous pooch lives an enviable life, as well, and is portrayed by her owner Elizabeth Frogel in her new, dynamic book, “Charlie Girl: Tails of a Very Original Poodle.” (Would that make her a VOP?)

The deluxe, illustrated book covers all the NYC shenanigans of a “lovable, curious and life-of-the-party poodle.” And yes — Charlie Girl is a real life dog whose owners are author Elizabeth and Elizabeth’s 10-year-old daughter Ava. Together, they live as a happy family in the Upper West Side art deco architectural icon, The Century.

A Little More About the Book:

Recalling the day Elizabeth brought her weeks-old puppy home to New York City, she beams, “During the ride back to town from the breeder, Charlie Girl was completely quiet and just nuzzled in my arms, but the minute we arrived in the City, she sat straight up and had this magical transformation. She was mesmerized by the lights. And she looked right into my eyes and smiled. I knew at that moment Charlie Girl would love New York and that we would have a great life together.”

Charlie Girl is a real life dog whose owners are author Elizabeth and Elizabeth's 10-year-old daughter AvaToday (and in the book), Charlie Girl takes advantage of all the fun her glamorous city has to offer. From long sidewalk strolls with mom, frolicking with her puppy pals, going shopping, dining on delicious food, and taking in art exhibits, Charlie Girl is one happy canine.

The stylish watercolor illustrations by Ashley Quigg are inspired by the décor of Elizabeth’s apartment, historic and contemporary photographs.

A Little More About Elizabeth:

Elizabeth’s accomplishments were propelled by what she describes as “survival mode.” Divorce turned her life upside down, as it does with most people, but there was no self pity, only forward movement. She took charge and committed heart and soul to creating what is now the happiest time of her life.

Divorce allowed Elizabeth to live at her authentic best, and with encouragement from her family and a loyal group of strong friends, Elizabeth’s life started to shine like the Chrysler Building. Charlie Girl evolved out of sheer love. During the emotionally charged years when Elizabeth was trying to conceive a child, she developed her special bond with Charlie Girl, who served as a constant companion and partner in NYC adventures. Charlie Girl the book captures the essence of that pinnacle time.

Where to Buy:

Head to Bergorf-Goodman (who happens to be a character in the book, as well) if you’re interested in flipping through the pages or buying. Bergorf-Goodman is the exclusive NYC department store carrying Charlie Girl.

Not lucky enough to live near NYC’s Bergdorf-Goodman? The book is also available online at

Charlie Girl supports the Puccini Foundation, which is dedicated to the hope of a future for pets and people – cancer free under one umbrella.

I love the concept of the Charlie Girl book because it’s lighthearted and breezy. I think we all need more lighthearted and breezy things in our lives, especially in a world where urgent deadlines reign supreme and coffee is gulped down for its caffeine properties (instead of enjoyed for its smooth textures and rich aromas. Hey, I’m a coffee and an animal person).

By Wendy Rose Gould

Posted by Wendy Rose Gould at 08:00 AM
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