1 March 2013

Shopping Challenge: Go With Your Girlfriends

While I tend to shop alone, there’s something particularly delightful about a retail date with a girlfriend (or several). In fact, I find that some of my best shopping is done when I’m with another person who keeps me fiscally responsible and realistic in terms of what flatters me and what looked better on the mannequin. I often rely on that second opinion and, even without the presence of shopping buddy, send snapshots to girlfriends (or the husband) to get their opinion.

In addition to giving candid fashion advice, though, shopping with girlfriends can be therapeutic. If you’re anything like me, shopping is a very personal process. As women, we’re naturally body-conscious (perhaps even more so in the presence of other females). Additionally, our individual style choices are a reflection of our innermost selves. Sharing the whole clothes-shopping experience with another person requires you to open up and get personal. For that reason, shopping can be a genuine bonding experience.

Another therapeutic benefit of shopping with your girlfriends: it’s not always about the clothes or accessories. Use the retail excursion as an opportunity to gab about whatever is on your mind. Vent office frustrations, share the week’s accomplishments, dish on your romantic life, etc. Be a good listener/empathizer/celebrator/etc. for your girlfriends who want to share, too.

Do’s and Don’ts of Shopping with Girlfriends

Do: Plan ahead. Talk about what stores you want to hit, what’s on your shopping list and how much you’re willing to spend. This makes it much easier to hold each other accountable.

Don’t: Invite the whole gang. An intimate group will make for a more meaningful (and simpler) shopping experience. One to three shopping buddies is plenty.

Do: Be sensitive to your friends’ budgets and fashion preferences. Choose a location with a diverse range of high/low end stores and be open to shopping at all of them.

Don’t: Hog the mirror. If your friend is admiring her own reflection, give her the space and then use it when she’s finished.

Do: Always lead with the positive. If the garment doesn’t look that great on your girlfriend, be sensitive about it. For example, “That collar is so flattering to your neckline. I wonder how the top would look with this skirt instead of the jeans.”

Don’t: Gossip about mutual friends. You shouldn’t do this in any situation. Doing so makes others wonder if you talk about them when they aren’t around and they’re less likely to open up.

By Wendy Rose Gould

Posted by Wendy Rose Gould at 08:00 AM
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18 January 2012

TheVogueCity takes New Year’s resolutions very seriously. That’s why we’ve put together a series of stories to help make your fashion-related goals a success for 2012. Today we’ll focus on how how tuning into your body, lifestyle and budget positively affects your fashion sense.

Improve your Style and Wardrobe - Know your Body

Know Your Body

One thing is for certain: The more confident and fabulous you feel in your own skin — and outfit — the more often you’ll earn compliments throughout the day. So, instead of focusing too much on what’s trending at the moment or what you should wear based on your body type, evaluate how you feel in an outfit when gazing into the mirror. If you feel beautiful, comfortable and fashion-forward, by all means, buy the garment and walk out the door a proud shopper. Finding clothes that make you feel that good are a great investment, too, as you’ll likely wear them often. It goes without saying, as well, that what you feel best in is probably flattering to your body.

Improve your Style and Wardrobe - Know your Lifestyle

Know Your Lifestyle

Though many women are tied together by their love of fashion, most lead dramatically different lives. Before dropping loads of cash on a new wardrobe, it’s important to understand your lifestyle. For example, those who visit low key restaurants and funky art galleries should dress according to the casual attire of those events. If you’re an elegant woman who frequents the opera and symphony, a collection of fine gowns and apparel will be worth your money. Socialites and party go-ers may want to stock their wardrobe with cocktail dresses and flattering blouses.

After assessing factors like your job and hobbies, fill your wardrobe with the necessities. You’ll want proper work wear, party wear, formal event wear, seasonal basics (e.g. hats, gloves, coat, parka, bathing suit) and the essentials (10-15 items you’ll wear often, like a white shirt for layering, a cashmere cardigan, a well-fitted jean, jacket, heels and flats).As for determining what appeals to you, fashion-wise, look to your favorite celebrities for inspiration.
Improve your Style and Wardrobe - Budget


Before you even enter a store (be it virtual or brick and mortar), make sure you have a budget. Set either a monthly, weekly or annual spending limit and then shop accordingly. Understand that bargain shopping will give you more bang for your buck, but don’t be afraid to splurge if your budget allows. The ultimate goal is to choose quality items that’ll last through the years. If you can find a flattering garment that’s well made and 80% off, by all means, snag it. If you fall in love with a piece that’s more than you’d typically pay, think about whether it’ll earn heavy rotation and make your decision from there.

By Mirela Gluck

Posted by Mirela Gluck at 03:01 AM
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