21 December 2014

WHAT: Best of 2014: 9 Trends to Take into the New Year Online Sample Sale @

Best of 2014: 9 Trends to Take into the New Year

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17 March 2014

Creating a checklist of fashion staples isn’t some way of making everyone conform to a certain type of style. On the contrary, wardrobe staples create a foundation for every person’s wardrobe which, in turn, allows them to express themselves however they want with the other clothes and accessories they purchase.

Today we’re detailing a list of men’s wardrobe must-haves; items that will ensure he always has something to build a stylish outfit around. Whether you’re studying up for yourself, a friend, a parent or a special someone, you’ll definitely come away with some shopping inspiration. We suggest you take notes.

A White Dress Shirt

A White Dress Shirt

The crisper and whiter this dress shirt is, the better. It’s easy to layer and accessorize and goes with pretty much everything. This is a good staple for women, too. Make sure you keep your white dress shirt pressed and spotless because anything less will read sloppy.

Crew Neck Tee

Crew Neck Tee

In addition to a crisp, white dress shirt, make sure you’ve got several crew neck tees in your wardrobe, as well. Choose whatever colors you’re drawn to most. The more neutral (red, white, black, blue, brown), though, the easier they’ll be to style. Wear them under blazers, cardigans or even on their own.

Dark Denim Jeans

Dark Denim Jeans

This is another wardrobe staple that works for both sexes. Dark denim jeans that fit impeccably are timeless and, again, easy to pair with whatever else is hanging in your closet. Don’t hesitate to invest in a quality pair — just make sure they’re not embellished, as trendy items don’t have as long of a shelf life.

Chino Pants

Chino Pants

If you’re not wearing a pair of jeans, the Chino pants are likely going to be the next article of clothing you reach for when dressing yourself in the morning. They’re classy, timeless and neutral. In other words: they are versatile and easy to style.

Fitted Blazer

Fitted Blazer

Like a fitted shirt or pair of jeans, a blazer is another one of those wardrobe staples you just can’t skip. Even if you’re unsure about how much wear it’ll get, give this one a chance, as its versatility may surprise you. You can wear it over that crisp tee or crew neck or you can even dress up a printed tee with it. Neutral colors and unembellished designs are your best bet when it comes to longevity.

A Quality Belt

The amount of times you reach for a neutral belt may astound you. Belts are such an easy way to “spice up” your outfit — a detail that shows you’ve got a sense of style, but aren’t trying too hard. Opt for a neutral, unembellished belt in both black and brown and you’ll never need to buy another belt again.

A Handsome Watch

Feel free to tap into your own style preferences with this men’s wardrobe staple. Again, since this is an essential item, we recommend investing a little bit into something that’ll last you for many, many years. When shopping for a handsome watch, think about its potential over the long term. Is this something you could pass down to your son? And your son to his son? If so, that’s the kind of show stopper watch that’ll earn you compliments and prove to be a worthy investment.

BONUS: Knee-Length Shorts

We felt the need to add one more item to our list: knee length shorts. While this one’s not a must have like the other items on our list are, they’re one of those pieces that’ll serve men ages 20 to 40 very well. We suggest buying a pair or two in neutral colors. They’re easy to dress up or down and will get you through the warm months in cool style.

Would you add or subtract anything from our list of men’s wardrobe staples? And if you’re a women, what are your thoughts on a man with excellent fashion taste? Does it make him more desirable? On the flip side, does a lack of style sense deter you from pursuing him?

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By Wendy Rose Gould

Posted by Wendy Rose Gould at 09:00 AM
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31 January 2013

We're Getting Some Work Done

You actually thought we’d tell you if we had work done?  Well, unlike some celebs, we are okay with spilling the beans on any sudden new changes in our appearance.

Though we haven’t had work done yet, it is in our future. Today we just wanted to share that we are redesigning The Stylish City website.

Our goal is to make the site really easy to use and more well rounded, too. I know you already come here for the sample sales information, but we want you to come for those and then stay for the content. We go beyond the paid celebrity endorsements of a trend or brand to find out if it’s worth spending your money on it.

How can you help in our redesign launch? Be a good citizen and give us your input. If you are here, we know you’re an educated shopper, so do share your wisdom with our other readers.

The new format is scheduled to go live on February 2nd.  Don’t be a stranger.

Posted by Mirela Gluck at 07:30 AM
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12 December 2012

Staying on top of all the latest and greatest trends is a must for every fashion forward femme. Still, there are some trends that — despite countless women participating in them — should just bow out with the sun and never rise again.

For example, the drop crotch pants trend (shudder) was super trendy for about a month or so until people finally realized that they made the wearer look like she had soiled an adult diaper. This was a trend that fizzled out and we hope it stays that way.

The following trends are still being plastered across billboards, magazine spreads and featured on countless fashion/beauty websites daily. However, we here at The Stylish City eagerly await their demise. If you agree or disagree with any of them, let us know in the comment section (or feel free to add your own despised trends).

low rise pants trends are unflattering on roughly 99.99% of the population

Micky Filip: Low Rise Pants

Micky says that low rise pants trends are unflattering on roughly 99.99% of the population. They have the potential to create muffin top on even a size 00. Not to mention, nobody wants to see your butt crack — even if you have been working out.

Caitlin Colford: Neon/Sheer Tee’s in a Black Bra

A bra is an undergarment meant to be seen only by you and perhaps a lucky someone. The whole “Hey Guys! Look at my bra!” trend is not fashionable — it’s borderline trashy. What happened to the days when we chose bras with the ultimate goal of having them not show?

Wendy Rose Gould – Cultural Appropriation

Stealing from various cultures’ traditions and calling it fashion is a major no-no. It’s one thing to appreciate various cultures and another to take traditional knowledge and cultural expressions without permission. I’ve seen bindi beads and turbans, but, as of late, the fashion world has particularly crossed a line with Navajo and Native American fashion. It’s disrespectful and there are much cooler — more modern — things happening on the runway.

While nail art has the potential to be undoubtedly impressive, site owner Mirela is so over seeing fancified manicures in every magazine or blog she looks at.

Mirela Gluck: Nail Art and Skyscraper Heels

While nail art has the potential to be undoubtedly impressive, site owner Mirela is so over seeing fancified manicures in every magazine or blog she looks at. She’s also over sky high — or skyscraper high, really — heels. Some are pretty to look at, but no lady looks good hobbling/teetering/falling down the sidewalk. Some of those babies are downright dangerous.

Ritu Bindra: The Bollywood Look

Ritu — the developer of The Stylish City website who currently lives in India — commented on how so many Indian women try to take the fashion they see in Bollywood films and replicate it on the streets. For example: many attempt to pair a sheer sari with a barely there brassiere. This tacky trend takes away from the beauty of a sari, which is already pretty sexy in and of itself.

By Wendy Rose Gould

Posted by Wendy Rose Gould at 06:00 AM
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