11 April 2013

What to Buy in Spring: Hot Deals in April, May and June

It’s no secret that things go on sale. In fact, sales are a large portion of what this site covers on a daily basis. But here’s a little something I’ll let you in on: there’s a method to the sale madness. In other words, every brand and every store that hosts a sale has very specific reasons for slashing its prices.

The ultimate goal of a sale is to entice customers into buying products, moving product off the shelves (be they virtual or otherwise) at a much faster rate. This isn’t just a ploy to make money faster — it’s to help make room for new goods, which are constantly being created, purchased, shipped and prepped for selling. It’s also to help move products that aren’t exactly hot purchases at that time (e.g. sweaters are super cheap during spring).

Learning when sales happen is the best way to save yourself money. For example, luggage typically goes on sale during mid-winter, after the Christmas travel rush and before spring and summer getaways. As a result, manufacturers and retailers mark prices way down. So if you had a trip planned for this June and needed luggage, the best time to buy would’ve been a few months ago.

Anyway, today I’m helping you with your shopping research by highlighting a few smart buys for the months of April, May and June. Buy now, even if you won’t need the items until fall or winter.

Cleaning/Organizational Supplies

Okay, it’s not very glamorous, but cleaning/organizational supplies go hand-in-hand with spring. Because everyone and her mother does spring cleaning at this time of year (particularly in April and May), there’s some major competition for brands selling this type of merchandise. Check online for discounts and coupons and pick up your Sunday paper for the coupon inserts. You’ll find loads of high value coupons on your basic cleaning supplies, storage bins, shoe organizers and garment bags.

Second Hand Shops

Whether you shop at high end consignment stores or scrounge through the mass of apparel and home necessities at thrift shops, spring is definitely the time to buy second hand goods. Because people are cleaning and organizing, they’re unloading a lot of the items they just don’t use anymore. Let their “trash” become your treasure. Case in point: I found a pair of Gucci strappy sandals for $25 at my local boutique consignment shop a few days ago (sadly, not my size). Also try eBay if you don’t mind playing the bidding game.

Athletic Apparel

Many serious athletes (and those who vowed to lose weight at the new year) have already purchased their athletic apparel for the year. That means it isn’t moving off the shelves as quickly as many manufacturers would prefer. Slow sales translate to hot deals on sneakers, sports bras, yoga pants and fitness equipment over the next few months.

Last Year’s Summer Necessities

There may be slim pickings, but if you’re willing to sift through last year’s summer necessities, I highly recommend doing so. Last year’s summer products — including garden supplies, lawn furniture, grills and even 2012 summer apparel and shoes — are seriously discounted right now because they simply have to go. Keep an eye on fliers from stores such as Home Depot, Lowes and Target for door buster prices on these items.

Spring/Summer Hosting Goods

If you’re planning any sort of dinner, spring fling, neighborhood grill party or similar, shop now for items such as napkins, condiments, dressings, plastic wear and even serving trays or dishes. I recommend buying bulk on the items you can (napkins and plastic utensils, for example) while prices are low. You’ll save money and have items to last you through the hosting season.

By Wendy Rose Gould

Posted by Wendy Rose Gould at 08:00 AM
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23 March 2013

Don't Miss Laura Gellar, Macy's Flower Show, and Nicole Miller

Spring is upon us! This week, we welcome the first full week of spring and relish in the fact that (hopefully) snow boots and bulky winter coats will be a thing of our past after Monday’s non-threatening snow shower. The sample sale slate remains slow this week, due to our celebratory spring holidays, including Passover, which begins on Monday, and Easter, which hops to us next Sunday the 31st. As sample sale schedulers remain skeptic to attendance in a digital age, we’ll find a proper balance between the physical sample sale vs. the digital online flash sale by being attentive in knowing where the best deal occur and knowledgeable to the pro’s and con’s of the sale at hand. Of course, The Stylish City does all of this work for you, so you can stick with us and simply refer the site daily! This week, we ring in spring with fresh blooms, fresh makeovers from Laura Geller and fresh-looks from Nicole Miller.

Sample Sale Alert: Yellow


Perform a last minute sale swoop on Saturday before heading over to Laura Gellar.  The Property Bi-Annual Sample Sale comes to a close on Saturday, where they are offering floor samples and furniture for up the 60% off, plus 20% off new orders. Here, you’ll find leather lounge chairs for $1,800 and glass tables for $4,200.  It is typically tradition that sales will slash prices even deeper during their final sale day, and if that’s not the case here, it won’t hurt to ask about available additional discounts! To stock up on winter clothing and fur coats for next year, check out the final days of Jennifer Tyler Winter Clearance Sample Sale for cashmere, jackets, and sweaters, and Sharnelle Furs Sample Sale for luxurious furs.

For the last stop of the day, revamp your make-up drawer with Laura Geller’s popular beauty products at the Laura Geller Semi-Annual Sample Sale. Geller, who is popular for her brightening powders, liquid neutralizers, and  her “Baked” line, is also the second best-selling make-up line on QVC. Come Saturday, her products will be on sale for up to 30% off, such as her eyebrow-defining markers for $17 and concealer-and-highlighter compact for $23.

Blooms and Beyond

Begin your Sunday fresh as a daisy in Herald Square thanks to Macy’s 39th Annual Flower Show, a two-week long celebration of flora displayed right in Broadway Plaza. This year, South Asia influences the blooms of the exhibit The Painted Garden, with a multicolored 10-foot-tall painted elephant seated that rests within. Events will be going on all week, so if you have a green thumb, or you simply appreciate the beauty of nature, be sure to check out macys.com/flowershow for the full line-up. On Sunday, a breadth of events takes place, including Live Music at Noon, Family Fun at 2PM, and High Tea at 3PM. If you’re not a flower fan, fashion fans can browse the visually stunning windows, which feature their own color scheme thanks to designer clothing, and floral and jewel-toned themes.

Nicole Miller Sample Sale

The Nicole Miller Sample Sale will be the talk of the town this week, and not just because it’s the only major sale taking place, well, maybe a little bit. Check in with us first thing Tuesday morning for a full review and photos from the sale, which promises to offer 80% off dresses of all kinds – evening, cocktail, day, and bridal – as well as accessories to pair with it. True samples will also be on hand at this event. Last month, Nicole Miller held an online sample sale, where all items were available for under $100, including her vibrant accessories, which topped out around $40. For those who can’t make this week’s Nicole Miller Sample Sale, check out the few remaining items from her online sale here.

Thanks to our spring holidays and Macy’s Flower Show I’d predict by the end of this week we’ll all be in a sunny state of mind!

By Caitlin Colford

Posted by Caitlin Colford at 07:30 AM
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21 March 2013

Today’s sales are for regular gals who take the subway and stay online at Fairway after work. Although yesterday’s sale roundup was more of a “just in case I hit the jackpot one day I know how much everything costs,” I certainly hope you ended up buying something. I personally didn’t. Not even the Frette sheet I had planned on purchasing. Credit or no credit, I like to get creative with my sheets, combining different sets, and their selection would not have worked with what I already have.

So, let’s go back to today. If yesterday’s sales were for celebrities and socialites, today’s sales are for the pragmatic career girl (Brooks Brothers), the girly girl(Perfectly Polished: Fit and Flare Dresses) and the creative career girl (Theyskens’ Theory).

Starting at 11AM:

Brooks Brothers at RueLaLa.com


This sale has timeless pieces, which will be your “bread and butter looks” for more than a solitary season. They’re garments that will make you look polished without looking like you read every fashion blog out there. My advice for a polished career look is to start with timeless garments and then add a statement accessory that becomes a conversation piece.

Brooks Brothers at RueLaLa.com

Theyskens’ Theory at RueLaLa.com


Well, Theyskens’ Theory’s sharp design and cutting-edge vision could bring the desired edge to somebody’s wardrobe who works in a creative field.

Hello PR girls, this one is for you.

Theyskens' Theory at RueLaLa.com

Starting at 12PM:

Polished: Fit and Flare Dresses at Gilt.com


Because most of us have four pairs of black/gray trousers that we mix and match with whatever came back from the dry cleaning. Let’s put some yang into our wardrobe ladies. Spring is here, after all (at least that’s what the calendar says).

Polished: Fit and Flare Dresses at Gilt.com

Happy hunting. Shop responsibly.

Posted by Mirela Gluck at 07:00 AM
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1 March 2013

WHAT: Spring Awakening: Breezy Knit Sweaters Online Sample Sale @ Ruelala.com

Spring Awakening: Breezy Knit Sweaters

WHY: Spring Awakening: Breezy Knit Sweaters up to 60% off!

WHEN: 3/3 11am – 3/5 11am

WHERE: RueLaLa.com

*To sign up & access the sales, please click here.


Posted by Bindra at 04:36 AM
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