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24 February 2012

It’s no secret that Yoga has swiftly become a leading form of exercise among men and women across the world. Every day, millions of people roll out yoga mats, set their yoga blocks within reaching distance and Om away. From more active forms such as Vinyasa and Bikram to purely meditative or passive yoga, such as Restorative or Sivananda, Yoga’s promise to reinvigorate, heal, strengthen and calm appeals to health-conscious consumers.

Yoga Controversy - Which Side Are You On?Lately, though, yoga’s safety has been questioned by health practitioners. These yoga skeptics worry that some of the more advanced moves could lead to injuries, long term damage and chronic pain. For example, one wrong move while doing crane could easily result in a neck or spine injury. Even less difficult moves, such as plow and wheel, have some people extra cautious.

On the opposite side of this controversy, though, remain faithful yogis. Many insist that injury is possible any form of exercise. They say that, ultimately, it’s the exerciser’s duty to use correct posture and to only do moves they’ve worked up to. After all, a woman who’s never trained for a marathon wouldn’t run the 24 miles right out of the gate. Yoga is about taking care of yourself, so pushing too far beyond your abilities is counter-intuitive to its mission. In short: those who practice yoga should only do what their comfortable with and what your body can handle at any given time.

Outside of the potential for injury, another recent form of controversy regarding yoga is its potential to make people gain weight. William J. Broad, author of ‘The Science of Yoga: The Risks and the Rewards’ says yoga-induced relaxation may result in reduced metabolism and joint instability, leading to weight gain. In addition, some substitute yoga for cardiovascular exercise. Cardiovascular exercise is necessary for heart and muscle health, so foregoing it isn’t wise.

Again, faithful yogis insist that the more active forms are just as good — if not better — for the body as cardiovascular exercise. Of course, if you’re doing a purely meditative form of yoga that simply requires sitting, laying or standing still, they acknowledge that this does not satisfy the weekly recommendations for cardio exercise. In these cases, yoga should simply act as a complementary form of exercise.

So what are your thoughts on the recent yoga hoopla? Do you, or have you ever, practiced yoga? If so, what benefits — or cons — have you experienced as a result? Spark dialogue with friends and fellow yogis and feel free to add your opinion here, as well.

Read more about the controversy in this Washington Post article.

By Wendy Rose Gould

Posted by Wendy Rose Gould at 02:22 AM
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18 October 2011

Many of us turn to drugs just to get by in our day to day lives. That might seem like an extreme statement, but think about it. Whether it’s coffee, ‘5 Hour Energy’ drinks or sleeping pills, nearly all of us put various natural and unnatural substances in our body on a regular basis just so we can function. And of course there’s a whole bunch of people who are reliant on alcohol and more serious drugs too.

Lose the stress and kick your bad habits with the help of man's best friendLife is just too hectic these days, and everywhere we turn we seem to run into problems. If you’re a single professional then you’re likely to burn yourself out at work and possibly become detached and depressed as a result. If you have a family to support then for most people the stress levels are magnified tenfold. So we turn to drugs and other remedies in a vain attempt to counteract the negative effects of our modern lifestyles.

That brings us to the big question on everyone’s lips: What else are we supposed to do about it? Well, we all know that miracle cures for our problems simply don’t exist. But there are healthy, natural ways to relieve stress and regain control of your life, and these can have a knock on effect on your family and your working life too, without the cost and the side effects of drink, drugs and other bad habits.

To cut to the chase, we have recently discovered a particularly interesting way to beat those blues away. It’s a simple, fun lifestyle choice that can benefit you whether you’re single or attached, employed or jobless. Get a dog!

Yes, we know, you probably immediately thought of the negatives when you read those three words – cleaning up poop, buying dog food, house training, barking at night and so forth. But recent studies show that dogs really do brighten up our lives by triggering the release of “feel good” hormones such as oxytocin in our brains and bodies.

Oxytocin is most associated with social bonding. For instance it plays a role in creating the unbreakable bond between a mother and her baby. A similar thing can happen with you and your dog, believe it or not – and you may experience an oxytocin rush when you look into his or her puppy dog eyes.

Here’s the kicker: our oxytocin levels are said to double when we pet our dogs. So it’s not surprising then that there are a whole bunch of health benefits associated with showing your doggy some affection. Among these benefits are:

  • A boost to your immune system
  • A lowering of stress levels
  • An increase in healing and recovery times
  • Less pain, such as headaches

So there you have it. If you don’t already have a dog, perhaps think about adopting one from a shelter and giving him or her a good home. This will make you feel good about yourself right away – you saved a puppy!

And if you do have a dog, start giving him or her a little more daily attention. The dog will love you for it, and you will grow to love your dog more too. Encourage your partner and family to do the same and you’ll have a much happier household on your hands in no time at all!

Posted by Mirela Gluck at 09:13 AM
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9 April 2011

The Stylish City: What’s the inspiration for your line?
Selen: I’m inspired by abstract forms and shapes in nature and under the sea. Things like architectural salvages and ancient forgery.Selen Bayrak - Art and Beyond

The Stylish City: We heard that you sometimes wake up in the middle of the night to sketch out a design you dreamed of. Is that true? What else can you tell us about your creative process?
Selen: Yes, once I am in the creative phase, I start being aware of synchronicities. I visualize and slowly shapes and textures appear in front of my eyes. This is a very spiritual moment. It’s like the universe approves of my path and whether it’s day or night, anytime this happens, I am back to my creative spell. I start sketching – trying to rewind what I thought of. The next day, I make little models, still visualizing what I dreamt of during the day and than I turn them into metal.

The Stylish City: How did growing up in Turkey influence your work?
Selen: Istanbul is a magical city for an artist/ Seeing beautiful remains from the Byzantine, the magnificence of the architecture of the Ottoman Palaces, mosques and the whimsical sincerity of Mediterranean and Aegean seas is all very inspiring!

Selen Bayrak - Art and BeyondThe Stylish City: What are your ultimate plans for the line?
Selen: I would love to have some permanent location and customize work for my customers. I have designed for brides and bridesmaids. I would love to be able to do more commissioned work for non-profit groups.

The Stylish City: Who would be your dream fashion collaborator?
Selen: Donna Karan

The Stylish City: Is there a celebrity you’d like to see wearing your designs?
Selen: I’ve never really thought about it!

The Stylish City: Who’s the ideal Selen Design customer?
Selen: Women of all ages who appreciate art and contemporary jewelry, handmade textures, and the life and thought behind each piece.

The Stylish City: It seems like so much of the fashion industry these days is about PR and marketing, yet you draw in repeat customers by word of mouth without any gimmicks. Is that a conscious decision?Selen Bayrak - Art and Beyond
Selen: So far in New York, my sales team and I have developed great relationships with my customers and I appreciate how loyal and excited they are. They are the reason I push myself to make new items so often. That said, I do eventually want to get some marketing help.

The Stylish City: What’s your single favorite piece for Studio Gluck customers? Why?
Selen: I love the Abundant Bamboo necklace and it’s flow and earthy texture.

Leila Cohan-Miccio

Posted by Leila Cohan-Miccio at 01:50 AM
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