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23 April 2018

Must Read: Kim Kardashian Reportedly Has an Intimates Line in the Works, Farfetch Launches Start-Up Accelerator Program

These are the stories making headlines in fashion on Friday . Kim Kardashian reportedly has an intimates line in the works The Kardashians just closed the chapter on their Dash stores, but according to TMZ, Kim is gearing up to open a new one with her very own line of intimates and shapewear.

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23 January 2013

Outside of an elite minority of buyers, iconic handbags in the five or six digit price range are an unrealistic splurge for many. Fair enough. Spending over 10 grand on a bag — more than a year’s worth of rent in my case — seems an eager display of extraordinary affluence.

Still, many argue — and prove their point via purchases — that owning a well made, coveted designer handbag is a worthy investment. (Granted, bags that sit comfortably in the three to four digit retail range are more often procured than their exorbitant 10k to 500k brethren.)

I’m not here to preach or even to sell you a bag, but I will say that splurging on certain handbags makes sense. Especially if you are fashion forward and appreciate the creative genius behind quality products.

Keep in mind that, yes, bags serve a utilitarian purpose, but they’re also art. Art that’s viewed by most everyone who passes you by on the street, as opposed to art that hangs on walls and is only viewed by the few who visit your home.

“While the dress goes out of style — or gets stained if it’s me we’re talking about — and a shoe gets ruined while running for the bus, a bag could really be forever,” notes Mirela, Stylish City founder and Upper East Side shopping ambassador. “Why not invest in something that really says who you want to be, as sometimes [bags] really are aspirational pieces.”

Speaking of investing in something that tells the world who you are (or who you want to be), we’ve rounded up eight of the most iconic handbags to date. Some have more history than others, but all are prized by the world’s most fashion savvy veterans. Based on the bag’s appearance, history, price range and celebrities who carry it, we’ve generated a mini profile about the person who chooses to carry each bag.

Hermes Matte Fauve Nilo Crocodile 30cm Birkin Bag Gold Hardware

Hermès Birkin

About the Bag: Hermès designed this bag in 1981 for English singer and actress Jane Birkin. Legend has it that Hermès chief executive Jean-Louis Dumas was seated next to Birkin on a Paris to London flight when the contents of her current bag took a spill. After explaining that she couldn’t find a suitable leather weekend bag, Dumas created the now world-renowned Birkin bag.

Celebs Who Carry It: Victoria Beckham, Kim Kardashian, Rachel Zoe, Katie Holmes

What it Says About You: The Birkin bag was created as a weekend tote, so it’s large. In addition to being large in size and price, this bag also has a larger than life reputation. As a result, women who carry the Birkin most likely enjoy standing out in a crowd, clearly care about the way they’re perceived and are often high maintenance. The bag’s sophisticated, streamlined design also shows that the woman who wears it is confident and isn’t afraid to stand her ground.

Balenciaga Balenciaga Black Leather Arena Classic City Motorcycle Bag

Balenciaga City Motorcycle

About the Bag: At over 10 years old, Balenciaga’s City Motorcycle bag remains a treasured favorite to celebrities and fashion icons across the world. It features a naturally distressed leather exterior — available in just about every color under the sun — and a hearty supply of pockets, tassels, studs and buckles.

Celebs Who Carry It: Khloe Kardashian, Christina Aguilera, Tori Spelling

What it Says About You: The owner of a Balenciaga City Motorcycle bag is a chick with an ultra tough exterior and style sense that’s easy, relaxed and downright cool. Despite her hard shell, though, the City Motorcycle owner has a soft heart. As a result, she’s easily moved by heartwarming stories, romantic gestures and charitable deeds.

To Be Continued………

By Wendy Rose Gould

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6 September 2012

2012 Fashion's Night Out: A Simple Guide to NYC's Best Events

It’s that time of the year again! The Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week is back and bigger than ever. For the forth year in a row, on Thursday, September 5th, from 6PM – 11PM, Fashion’s Night Out (FNO) will act as the kick off to a week of runway shows, as well as several other events set to take place throughout the week that are geared toward fashion industry insiders. There is a sense of anticipation wafting through Manhattan this week and heightened style everywhere you look, not to mention anxiety ridden fashion industry employees, decorated with high fashion apparel, buzzing about the island in order to assure all runs smoothly.

Few debate the use of New York Fashion Week, but FNO continues to get mixed reviews. While the now global event proves fun for shoppers, namely the young crowd, FNO as a whole seems to become a burden for retailers. There are no real numbers to back up its efficiency in terms of increasing sales, but we all know Ms. Wintour benefits from her brainchild after launching FNO back in 2009, as we have recently learned about her Ambassadorship dreams.

Regardless of the negative reviews, or questions of purpose, we consumers and forever lovers of all things fashion, will celebrate Thursday’s Fashion Night Out as our one day to bask in the industry that makes us squeal with glee and gladly accept the free drinks, gifts with purchase, limited edition products, fun events, and celebrity appearances. is an uber informative and organized website, not to mention The Stylish City’s recommended source of information and inspiration. This official website will help to make you make an efficient decision on how to spend your evening, customized by what (or who) you want to see. Your choice of venue should certainly be made with care in order to get the most of FNO, which is made for you, the consumer!

Although FNO events are scattered throughout the city, there are two major hubs, holding numerous destinations: SoHo and the Upper East Side. Apart from the locations, the many events seem to fall into one of the following categories: Celebrity and designer appearances, free drinks, music, contests. quirky attractions, and spa-like services that include everything from makeovers to massages. Numerous shops and boutiques are also offering a free gift with a minimum purchase, so be sure to check in order to get the best bang for your buck!

If your inner paparazzo is ready and waiting to shine, opt for venues that feature celebrity appearances. Kim Kardashian is set to make an exclusive appearance at Lord and Taylor, 424 5th Avenue, in honor of her fragrance True Reflection, while Diane von Furstenberg, Solange Knowles, and Girls co-star Allison Williams will be on hand at DVF Meatpacking, 874 Washington Street, as MAC provides complimentary make-overs and fortunetellers determine your fashion future.

For some more fun, quirky events, combined with celebrity appearances do not miss Kate Upton and Nikki Reed judging a karaoke contest at Michael Kors’ Upper East Side location, 667 Madison Avenue, and the Olsen Twins doing the very same at Barneys, Madison and 61st Street. Down in SoHo a heated game of Pictionary will be in full swing as Brad Goreski and Kate Spade’s president, Deborah Lloyd, face off with there best doodles while we play along and sip on milkshakes – Kate Spade, 454 Broome Street.

Apart from DVF’s MAC set up, many other venues will be offering free make-overs that are sure to draw some of the biggest crowds. In honor of their 111th anniversary, Bergdorf Goodman, 754 Fifth Avenue, will feature on hand professionals in the area of brow, last and nails, while Maybelline parks their Mobile Color Studio in Times Square, Broadway at 41st/42nd, and Union Square, Union Square West at 14th/15th, and invites you to pop in for daytime touch-ups and mini-manicures. Free goodies will be distributed at Matt Bernson, 20 Harrison Street, to the first 100 customers, in addition to their endless complimentary cocktails from Given Liqueur, fashion manicures by NailEZEE and a braid bar by Joico.

Tired yet? Tough! Head to Scoop NY’s Meatpacking District Block Party, 875 Washington Street, and grab yourself a complimentary cocktail from Tequila Avion as you shop and groove to Brooklyn-based band St. Lucia and DJ Mick Boogie. Still haven’t had your fill? Opt for one last round of karaoke (arguably the most popular attraction this year) to end your fashion forward evening at Opening Ceremony, 20 West 29th Street, as you harmonize with your closest friends in their noraebang, a Korean karaoke room in the Ace Hotel.

Just think, all of this is just the kick off to the Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week, leaving New Yorkers no time for a fashion hang over. But, come next Thursday, September 13th, you’ll be left with a full 51 weeks to recover, allowing you to be fresh as a daisy and ready for another round of fashion mania.

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