17 April 2018

Hermès Plays a Hipster Tune

Here was Emory Stewart, who is 30 and described what he does for a living as being at the intersection of fashion, creative strategy, real estate, interior design and branding. This means he goes to a lot of parties, is active on Instagram and is well poised to talk about how the kids are consuming these days and how the grown-ups are trying to reach them.

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Shopping like a Pro |

20 March 2018

WHAT: Vintage Hermès Accessories Online Sample Sale @ Gilt

WHY: Vintage Hermès Accessories up to 70% off!

WHEN: 3/19 8am – 3/22 8am


*To sign up & access the sales, please click here.

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Vintage Hermès Accessories

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14 March 2018

Hey, I get it: a sequel to Nor’easter is on its way, you’re a busy bee, and maybe the last thing on your mind right now is shopping. But if you’re anything like me, not even a blizzard can keep you from a good sample sale.

Still, when the weather is, well, this… you don’t have time or money to waste. This is that strange time of year when one day you are wearing your new slingbacks (a must for the trendy fashionista in the Spring of 2018) and the next day snow forces you back into to your wardrobe workhorse: the Uggs boots. And maybe you are a little discouraged too by the last sample sale you attended and its lukewarm outcome that didn’t quite meet the expectations of a real bargainista.

Impressed with my mind-reading abilities? Don’t be. I’m honestly practically quoting the majority of responders to our most recent poll who think that sample sale prices are too damn high.

Having to choose where to spend the little free time you have hunting for the perfect fashion bargain is sometimes daunting. That’s why I’m going to share with you my strategy in this post.

Let’s look at this week’s NYC sample sales.

Step One: Go to our page entitled Sample Sales This Week.

Quickly look through this page to see if there is something you’’ve been waiting for or something new that pops out. Let’s say nothing does for the purpose of this exercise.

Step Two : Set your priorities straight.

What do you really want or need? It is true that sample sales are not strategically the best place to look for specific items because they cover a wide range and are sometimes oddly specific to something you don’t need. The key here is not getting swept away in a flashy impulse buy by setting wardrobe priorities first to ensure a more rational purchase.

At this point, check the categories listed on the same page. Are you looking for clothing, shoes, handbags, accessories, or home items?

Step Three: Clarify your style.

So, let’s take this week’s sample sales. Are you a Chloe girl (freedom, lightness, and femininity)? Are you a Jack Rogers girl (resort style, iconic sandals, Jackie O)? Are you a vintage girl (Chanel and Hermes)? Or are you a man looking for a classic look (Kiton)?

This will require some brand knowledge, so make sure you read the description of the sale on the event page at the bottom. You don’t know the name Clever Alice and you’re confused about the “multi-brand” description? No problem. Read who they are and what they do right here!

Step Four : Decide how far you want to travel.

On the same page, you will find a map that gives you a clear idea of where everything is located. This can help you decide how far you want to travel, which sample sales are nearby, and how many birds you can kill with one stone (how many sales with one trip!).


While not every sample sale will rock your world, there are still great opportunities out there to score a bargain on a memorable piece that will stay forever in your wardrobe, and serve as undeniable evidence of your shopping skills and stellar fashion sense.

A successful sample sale outing requires you to be knowledgeable and open about what you want to really need. If you have something very specific in mind, and don’t have a lot of time to spare, a sample sale might not be your ideal hunting ground.

Happy shopping, lovelies.

xo M

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New York |

21 February 2018

WHAT: Vintage Hermès Online Sample Sale @ Gilt

WHY: Vintage Hermès Handbags & Accessories up to 70% off!

WHEN: 2/20 8am – 2/23 12am


*To sign up & access the sales, please click here.

Join Gilt to find the best brands at 70% off – no coupon needed!

Vintage Hermès Handbags & Accessories

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