Martini Week

If you just got really excited, maybe even said “Yes!” or “Sweet!” aloud at your desk. If there was a fist pump involved with your reaction to this week’s food find, then we half love you and half advise you watch a... More »

Valentine's Day: Revisited

Words cannot stress our preference for homemade Valentine’s day meals. They are thoughtful gestures, quiet escapes and this year, an apartment romance will offer a particularly needed break from Fashion Week and long weekend tourists. But if... More »

Burger Battle

Partially because Danny Meyer is from my Midwest hometown, and partially because Shake Shack‘s frozen custard shakes rock my world, and partially because I’m a New Yorker, I vote east coast all the way. However, I enjoy a good In-And-Out... More »

Early Breakfast: Soho

You know how no one in Soho (minus delivery persons) go out to breakfast. So when my client wanted to meet in Soho for breakfast, I had a minor panic attack. Balthazaar? No siree. My editor and I tried that a few weeks ago, and it was tourist hell.... More »


I had to go on the pretty much most horrendous ever Sunday afternoon snack/cocktail meeting with my ex pseudo forty-year-old boyfriend. Rather than let him pick the place, I decided to stack the cards in my favor and meet at a revamped neighborhood... More »

Chinese Food on Christmas

So maybe it’s the oldest stereotype ever that Jewish people eat Chinese food on Christmas, but when we asked our friends, the stereotype held true about 50% of the time. A quarter didn’t eat Chinese food, and the last quarter celebrated... More »

For Your Favorite Foodie

Someone in your life is a restaurant snob. If you live in New York, then probably half of the people in your life, if not more, are amateur foodies borderline restaurant obnoxious. Maybe they visit Napa, France and Tuscany every year ISO of the most... More »

Post Gobble Detox

Today you sit around stuffing your face with more than you normally eat in a week, lie down and complain that your stomach hurts, then eat pie, pie and more pie. And tomorrow you’ll feel like shit. What to do? Here are our two recommendations... More »

Nolita's Aperitivo

Part of the reason I love Italy more than life itself is the daily array of aperitivo. Italian restaurants provide a savory post-work sanctuary by offering what is basically free food. You are expected to purchase a beverage, and then allowed full... More »

Fo Sho: SHO Shaun Herrgat

Everyone complained that SHO Shaun Herrgat’s location (the 2nd floor of the Setai Hotel at 40 Broad Street) was difficult to find. Then they complained the walk to your table took too long. I disagreed. I found it, and as a developer’s... More »

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