4 February 2019

I don’t want to minimize the importance of the relationship between bloggers and PR agencies. But like everything else in life, they require work.  

So when I find myself invariably ignoring your newsletters or even deleting them without so much as opening them, it’s a clear sign that something’s gone awry, and  I owe it to the relationship to speak up honestly, and say what’s bothering me.

At least, that’s what my therapist is always telling me.

So, in the interest of improving our relationship, here are some of the things that have been bothering me lately:

1) The “Breaking News” subject line

Don’t call an actress wearing your client’s dress “breaking news,” even if it happens to be the actress in that Netflix movie that’s up for all the awards, or a certain member of the British royal family. If you want to leave me wanting more, try to get a little more creative. Put some thought into your gestures. Experiment once in a while. It’ll do us both good.

2) When you send images without owning the rights to them

When you do that, I either have to find similar photos that aren’t copyrighted, or buy the images myself. This says to me that you either a) don’t value my time, or b) want me to pick up the tab. Neither of these mindsets are attractive. 

3) When you say “Loved your article about xyz,” even though I never wrote an article on said topic

Please don’t throw around the term love unless you mean it. Do your research! All it takes is reading just one of my posts. Or don’t. Just don’t lie to me

4) You are guilty of ridiculous newsjacking.

There is no shame in newsjacking, tapping into the news is an effective way to get my attention. Having said that, when I see “New Year’s Eve Essentials” and then you tell me about your company’s bra, I will be annoyed. 

5) When you send me collages with “trend alerts”

I know you mean well, and you are trying to save me time. But it makes me feel manipulated. I have to be true to myself and the brands I believe in, so please don’t go to all the trouble of creating a collage. It just makes me feel guilty when I don’t feature it.

6) You literally have no idea what the site is about. 

Sometimes I wonder if you ever listen to a word I say. I cover conscious consumerism, sustainable fashion, retail and NYC sample sales . Please don’t send me press releases about non-fashion related things. Like Manhattan Real Estate.

Unless of course you’re letting me know about a sale on loft spaces in Tribeca, in which case I’ve never loved you more .

Posted by Mirela Gluck at 02:13 AM
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