19 May 2019
NYC's First Outlet Mall Opens in Staten Island

With a whopping $450-million price tag the Staten Island outlet promises discounts and attractions that will make the 25 minute ferry trip worthwhile.

In a city obsessed with bargains and sample sales it seems rather obvious the need for an outlet.

While developers are adamant they are not looking to be the "Shops at Hudson Yards" it is rather obvious that they are trying to create a retail playground, not just a shopping outlet.

There will be many reasons besides shopping for tourists and New Yorkers alike to schlep to the 340,000 square-foot mall. "Instagrammable ferry voyages", jazz bands, petting zoos and fashion shows add up to the excitement of a bargain hunting experience.

The stores already open are: Banana Republic Factory Store, Guess Factory Store, Samsonite, Lids, Walgreens, Brooks Brothers Factory Store, Columbia Factory Store, Old Navy, Gap Factory Store; H&M, Jockey, Nike Factory Store, Starbucks

Before the end of the summer expect the following stores to open their doors: Levi’s, True Religion, Converse, Dennis Bass, iOptics, U.S. Polo Assn,Royal Jewelers, Crocs, American Eagle Outfitters, Aerie, Broome & Greene, Samsonite, True Religion, Lucky Brand, Parfum Europa, Verizon Wireless and GNC.

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12 April 2019

Retailers are concerned about the customers’ dependency on sales. What started circa 2008 during the last recession as a temporary measure to cut excess inventories has become the status quo. Several articles, and more recently 'Live Event Debrief: How to Get Your Customers to Pay Full Price, have outlined problems related to this practice. Narrowing profit margins and brand erosion are some of the most important ones. Retailers are ready to overcome the addiction and seem to have a clear plan to do it. The question remains how customers will respond to it. Read the full article here (paywall) on TheBusinessOfFashion

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3 April 2019

If you’re trying to contribute as little as possible to the two global calamities of climate change and the swirling gyres of forever-materials slowly filling our oceans, there’s a useful formula to keep in mind: Use fewer things, many times, and don’t buy new ones.

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10 September 2018

In case you didn’t know, there is a Rent The Runway sample sale going on right now. If you are anything like me, and want to actually commit to dresses from Rent The Runway with which you might otherwise only have one-night stands… now is the time to get on one knee and propose—or hop on one leg in a dressing room and try it on. Either way, all this makes me wonder: do I love  Rent The Runway or do I hate it?

The sharing economy is all the rage these days, and we have to give credit to Rent The Runway for being a pioneer of sorts in that respect. It’s a logically sound idea after all. How many times are you going to wear the same dress you wore to that wedding? It’s nearly—gasp—blasphemous to wear the same dress twice to such occasions. So I doubt you would flaunt it at another event where you’ll see the same people you violently elbowed in an effort to catch the bouquet at that last wedding.

When the time came to choose a dress for a black-tie wedding that Saturday, I was delighted to see the Rent The Runway dress selection. I always wanted to wear a Monique Lhuillier gown, and renting one (in two sizes) for $140 seemed like a reasonable price for a dress that retails for $880. What could go wrong? A LOT, apparently.

I ordered the dress and the earrings from Rent The Runway and the following day I actually bought a pair of sandals that matched my evening clutch. When Friday came, the supposed delivery day, I received an email at around 4PM that raised my cortisol levels. The email reported the dress was actually not available in my size after all, but a stylist would choose another one for me so I was (kind of) covered. By 8PM I was still waiting for the surprise dress, so I called Rent The Runway and asked for an update. I was reassured the dress would be delivered within an hour. An hour passed and the dress was still not there.

At this time, my stress was teetering on the edge of a panic attack, so I crossed the street for a spicy margarita to forget my first world (but very serious) problems. When I returned home, the dress was still not there. Finally—at 11:30PM, it arrived. I just breathed a sigh of relief and went to bed without even opening the box.

When I opened the package Saturday morning, the day of the wedding, there was no surprise dress chosen for me by some mystery stylist. All that was there was original dress I’d chosen in its backup size that was too small for me. Panic overwhelmed me and there was not enough spicy margaritas in the world to make me feel better. I called Rent The Runway, and they advised me to go downtown to their store and physically pick up one. Um, the reason I’d ordered from Rent The Runway in the first place was so that I wouldn’t have to do exactly what I was doing right now.

But… here’s the good news: the store personnel was actually great. Both the customer service (Ru?) and the stylist (Mackenzie?) were professional, helpful, and (my perfect counterbalance) very calm. I ended up leaving the place with a better dress than the one I had originally chosen for myself.

So, after this both bad and good experience and then three more that proved to be somewhat similar, I guess I’m giving it yet another go? This weekend I am ordering another dress for a “casual country club look” and I am keeping the fingers crossed (as I type this—so excuse any typos) that it will be here on time.

Regardless of whether another dress fiasco ensues, here’s the takeaway lesson for you. I have placed a total of four Rent The Runway orders so far, and only two were delivered as expected. If you get the four days package, be prepared to receive it at the end of the first day, or on the second day (this is another story for another time). If you are flexible, keep calm, and rent the dress in a way that you are covered for anything that might go wrong because it’s still a great way to be stylish on a budget. Also, this is not based on my personal experience but rather on a stranger’s review; make sure you return everything on time. If you are late or they don’t receive the package, the penalties are such that you end up paying more than if you’d bought the item retail full price. Yikes!

What is your Rent The Runway experience?

Happy shopping,

Posted by Mirela Gluck at 09:34 AM
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