What is a Real New York Bargain?~~

In a city where bargains are a tourist attraction and hunting them a sport, a clear understanding of what qualifies as a real bargain is necessary for success. A real New York bargain is more than a discounted item, it is also a wisely chosen item that you will wear over and over again, bringing you joy, pride and comfort every time.


Sales are about finding the best reductions, and—unlike the European ones that are a once or twice a year event—US sales are rather common and non-eventful.

They arrive pre-holiday and post holiday—every holiday: religious or patriotic. They are recession sales and end of the season sales. We consumers are spoiled by US sales, and our retailers always preparing to unload their stock at bargain prices to make room for a new trend or season.

Large department stores like Saks, Bloomingdales, Macy’s Bergdorf Goodman and Barney’s are known for their legendary sales, but these days, boutiques are competing for business with excellent discounts and seasonal sales as well.

As boutiques are spread over large areas, it’s always a good idea to know which of them carry items in your style. Find listings for the best boutiques in each category here at this site: just decide what you need then check our site under the ‘Great for…’ category.  (Most of the stores have their own websites, but if they don’t you can always call them and check what they have on sale.)

By the way: it’s always worth checking the online stores, but be prepared to pay a different price to that offered in the store. 

The key to successful sale shopping is to know what is fashionable and make your choices wisely. Come away with a couple of key pieces—not 12 bags with items from two seasons ago. Have a shopping strategy. Know your brands and your style, keep cool and be organized.  

Shopping Strategy

Are you buying what you need or what you want? Do you want to complete your wardrobe, find the perfect accessory or shop for a gift?

Take a real look at your lifestyle and the clothes you wear most frequently. Whatever your age, shape or size: know your style and don’t get blinded by irresistible discounts!

If you’ve had the same job and lifestyle for a while, perhaps your wardrobe has been consistently based on a few simple items? Check the sample sales calendar on our website and see when your favorite designers have their next sample sales scheduled. Sample Sales bring real-life buzz to New York Fashion Week, allowing you to touch and take home those items you thought you could only dream about.

If you don’t want to go to it alone, take a fashion-minded girlfriend—and be ready to have fun. Yes, everything you’ve heard is true: there really is such a thing as shopping therapy. 

I have my own theory about why Americans love sales. I once read somewhere that people across the world fall into two major categories: hunters and farmers. Farmers are those peoples that stayed behind—our ancestors overseas. We, the Americans, came here on boats and planes to hunt this new land. And what better hunt than a bargain hunt?

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