The “Corner Booth” Contest/Experiment Guidelines ~~

Ethical Guidelines

“Corner Booth is not only a contest but also experiments on how valid are the concepts of crowdsourcing in an artistic environment. It attempts to answer the question: are we able as artists to leave the egos at the door and be just a piece in the puzzle?

When contributing, please remember a couple of rules: New York is a place of many different cultures and this webserial might express different views or perspectives than yours- be respectful of these differences. Please be respectful of issues of decency and legality on matters of sexually explicit language, and potentially controversial areas such as race, gender and sexuality.

Do not upload copyrighted material or material that you have not personally created yourself.

By contributing you agree that you are more than 16 years of age

Technical Guidelines

The competition is open to all, as long as they follow the terms and conditions

You need a valid email address, a Paypal account and a valid street address.

Limit individual contributions to 800 words. Overlong entries will be deleted.

Make sure there are no typos, no errors. You will be your own editor, make sure your piece is ready for submission, once you submit; there is nothing we can do to bring it back.

Entrants must have a confirmation email. Entries will be evaluated on content, writing quality and understanding of characters and situations involved in Corner Booth.

All acceptance emails must be dated no later than Sunday February 10th, 2008. Winners will be notified by February 14th, 2008.

The number of votes an entry receives will be the main factor deciding the winner of the competition. However, we reserve the right to eliminate entries that we consider are offensive, discriminatory.

Writers who previously won awards from are not eligible.

Employees of Found4less and their immediate families are not eligible.

Found4less is not responsible for entries submitted to competition that are not confirmed by an email.


ENTRY DEADLINE: Sunday February 10th, 2008

Read the previous episodes and try to understand the characters. Pretend you have just got the job to write the next Sex and the City episode. You will not change the characters, but rather take them where you want them to go.

Allison and Kyoko are both reeling from painful breakups: Allison’s husband left her for a woman who owns a cheese shop, and Kyoko’s ex-girlfriend has already started dating someone else. Meanwhile, Noelle has landed the lead in an Off-Broadway show called “McDonalds: The Musical” and is love with a guy named Lance who lives in her building. Unfortunately, Lance is engaged, which leaves Noelle both plotting to steal him and seducing hot waiters. Graciela is engaged to her long time boyfriend, Rickey, and is planning her wedding, much to the chagrin of the ever cynical Roxie, who finds herself helping Graciela with all the plans. Graciela, meanwhile, is playing cupid with Roxie and Javier, a long time friend of Graciela and Rickey. Though Javier sincerely likes Roxie, Roxie is standoffish and sometimes cold, prompting Javier to wonder whether or not he should continue to pursue a relationship with her. But once again, Graciela intervenes, forcing Roxie to think hard about what she wants and give Javier a fair chance…

Will Allison and Kyoko move on? Will Noelle steal Lance for herself? Will “McDonalds: The Musical” be a big hit? Will Graciela hit a snag in her wedding plans? Will Roxie finally give in to Javier? YOU decide!


Roxie is cynical, sardonic and quick witted. She works as a junior editor in a publishing house. She rarely dates other than fix-ups that her friends arrange, which she begrudgingly goes on. She has a pet parrot who likes to insult people.

Graciela is a spunky Latina who sings in a Salsa band by night. Of all the characters, hers is the sunniest attitude. She is known for her warm smile and her optimism. She is engaged to marry her boyfriend, Rickey. She has a dog named Socrates, who is both curious and unpredictable.

Noelle is snobby, seductive and extremely Francophile. She is an African-American actress who works in an upscale Madison Avenue jewelry store, and has landed a role in an off-Broadway musical. He has numerous affairs with men she attracts. She has a white cat named Jax.

Allison is a sweet, displaced Southern Belle and divorcee who loves two things: cheese and her pet Yorkie, who she named Mitchie after Margaret Mitchell, author of Gone with the Wind. She is old fashioned and often pines for her past, when she had many suitors visiting her at her family’s antebellum mansion.

Kyoko is a lesbian and a lawyer with a non-profit. She has a great sense of humor and often mediates between the other girls. She has a pet iguana that she inherited after breaking up with her last girlfriend. She is frequently stressed and her nerves are often fried, but she always maintains a smile, no matter how frazzled.

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