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"Improve your Style and Wardrobe" a successful New Year resolution -part five

1 February 2012

Bonjour, ladies, and welcome to the second-to-last installation of The Stylish City’s, “Improve Your Style and Wardrobe,” series. Today we’re talking all-things shopping. Our mission? To make clothes shopping a better, faster and much more enjoyable experience with four easy tips.

Make Clothes Shopping a Better Experience - Make a List

1. Make a List

Just like you jot down a brief list of food before sauntering down the aisles of your local grocery store, you’ll want to create a “to buy” list before clothes and accessory shopping, too. You don’t have to be extremely specific, but do write down the items you don’t want to forget. Lists are especially handy if you’re on a budget and want to stay focused on the necessities. They’re also great if you have many things to buy.

Make Clothes Shopping a Better Experience - Bring a Tape Measurer

2. Bring a Tape Measurer

For some, trying on clothes in the dressing room is a major mood killer. Pulling clothes off and on messes up your hair, makes you sweaty and some tight spaces may induce claustrophobia tendencies. (And while we’re dissing dressing rooms, let’s just admit that some dressing room mirrors are downright unflattering.) If a case of the dressing room blues deters you from clothes shopping, don’t sweat it. Simply bring a tape measurer and measure the garments you fancy before buying. If you’re unhappy with the purchases after trying them on, return the clothing. Do acquaint yourself with the store’s return policy.

Make Clothes Shopping a Better Experience - Dress for the Occasion

3. Dress for the Occasion

Fair or not, women who dress well receive better customer service when shopping, says a study by Ohio State University. While you don’t have to wear a $5,000 gown and get a blowout before heading to the fashion mall, a slouchy pair of sweats and an unkempt mane isn’t ideal, either. Wear minimal layers (to shed time in the dressing room) and make sure you feel confident, poised and beautiful before stepping out.

Make Clothes Shopping a Better Experience - Bring a Friend

4. Bring a Friend

Cappuccinos, clothes shopping and best friends go together like vanilla ice cream, drizzled chocolate and strawberries. Make an eventful day out of your shopping trip by bringing an honest friend along with you. The more fashion-forward she is, the better. If you can’t bring a friend, take photographs with your phone and send them to someone who’s willing to offer their opinion.

Stay tuned for the final installation of our “Improve Your Style” series.

By Wendy Rose Gould

Posted by Mirela Gluck at 02:09 AM
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18 January 2012

TheVogueCity takes New Year’s resolutions very seriously. That’s why we’ve put together a series of stories to help make your fashion-related goals a success for 2012. Today we’ll focus on how how tuning into your body, lifestyle and budget positively affects your fashion sense.

Improve your Style and Wardrobe - Know your Body

Know Your Body

One thing is for certain: The more confident and fabulous you feel in your own skin — and outfit — the more often you’ll earn compliments throughout the day. So, instead of focusing too much on what’s trending at the moment or what you should wear based on your body type, evaluate how you feel in an outfit when gazing into the mirror. If you feel beautiful, comfortable and fashion-forward, by all means, buy the garment and walk out the door a proud shopper. Finding clothes that make you feel that good are a great investment, too, as you’ll likely wear them often. It goes without saying, as well, that what you feel best in is probably flattering to your body.

Improve your Style and Wardrobe - Know your Lifestyle

Know Your Lifestyle

Though many women are tied together by their love of fashion, most lead dramatically different lives. Before dropping loads of cash on a new wardrobe, it’s important to understand your lifestyle. For example, those who visit low key restaurants and funky art galleries should dress according to the casual attire of those events. If you’re an elegant woman who frequents the opera and symphony, a collection of fine gowns and apparel will be worth your money. Socialites and party go-ers may want to stock their wardrobe with cocktail dresses and flattering blouses.

After assessing factors like your job and hobbies, fill your wardrobe with the necessities. You’ll want proper work wear, party wear, formal event wear, seasonal basics (e.g. hats, gloves, coat, parka, bathing suit) and the essentials (10-15 items you’ll wear often, like a white shirt for layering, a cashmere cardigan, a well-fitted jean, jacket, heels and flats).As for determining what appeals to you, fashion-wise, look to your favorite celebrities for inspiration.
Improve your Style and Wardrobe - Budget


Before you even enter a store (be it virtual or brick and mortar), make sure you have a budget. Set either a monthly, weekly or annual spending limit and then shop accordingly. Understand that bargain shopping will give you more bang for your buck, but don’t be afraid to splurge if your budget allows. The ultimate goal is to choose quality items that’ll last through the years. If you can find a flattering garment that’s well made and 80% off, by all means, snag it. If you fall in love with a piece that’s more than you’d typically pay, think about whether it’ll earn heavy rotation and make your decision from there.

By Mirela Gluck

Posted by Mirela Gluck at 03:01 AM
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9 January 2012

Some of the most common New Years resolutions, according to, are to cut back on the alcohol (say buh-buy to martinis), eat healthier (goodbye chocolate, hello apples) and to get in better shape. Another common resolution, especially in the fashion world, is to improve your style sense and give your wardrobe a makeover.

Make All those goals are worthy aspirations, no doubt, but they’re also pretty overwhelming. That’s why it’s no surprise to hear about friends or coworkers — who set lofty New Year’s goals — fall flat before January has even expired.

Perhaps if more individuals employed the business analogy of goals and objectives when it comes to New Year’s resolutions, they’d be far more successful in their endeavors. Basically, we should break down our goals into smaller, more obtainable goals. By making resolutions look more like quantifiable objectives instead of lofty, hard to reach goals, we cut the overwhelming factor by a ton and improve the likelihood of success.

For example, if your goal is to slim down, break it down by setting smaller goals: hit the gym three times a week, cook more low calorie meals at home, pack a healthy lunch instead of eating out, etc.

If your goal is to improve your style and wardrobe, we’re here to help ensure a fashion victory through 2012. This is the first installation of a series, which will cover the following steps to refining your fashion sense and enhancing your armoire. The steps include:

1. Know yourself: Understanding what works for your body, style, lifestyle and budget

2. Employ books and periodicals

3. Organize your closet

4. Devise a shopping strategy and make shopping more enjoyable

5. Hit the stores

By Mirela Gluck

Posted by Mirela Gluck at 03:21 AM
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18 October 2011

Flash sale websites committed to making “Eco” stylish are popping up left and right. Going green is an expensive endeavor! Luckily the three great websites: Pure Citizen, Loving Eco and JP Selects offer a variety of money saving deals, vegan friendly tips, and ecofabulous clothing and accessories, all while giving back to the environment by choosing planet conscious products, and donating portions of their profits to a variety charities. Who knew that shopping for YOU could be charitable for others!

Pure Citizen is a daily deal site with savings up to 90% off, devoted to featuring companies who are dedicated to providing employment to the underprivileged, using eco-friendly materials, Mata Traders - Belmont Dressreducing global pesticide use, and overall being proponents towards making the world a better place. After signing up, Pure Citizen is easy to navigate and has specific stamps under products, depicting whether they are handmade, fairly produced, cruelty free, organic, etc. Fun, organic products are typically featured, such as today’s artisanally made and organically produced MeSoap ($3.85), offered in an array of luscious scents such as lavender blossom and oatmeal cookie. Mata Traders is also featured this week, which is a brand of super cute (especially for $35!) fair trade clothing, handmade by a women’s cooperative. Another fun fact about Pure Citizen is that they allow each featured brand to select a charity of their choosing in order to contribute a percentage of the savings to a nonprofit organization and also offer an option to donate one day’s wages to relief funds.

In keeping with the charitable giving vibe, Loving Eco donates $1 to charity after the friends you invite make their first purchase and in addition, 3% of every purchase you make is donated as well! Loving Eco’s goal is to create a healthier planet by selling ethically produced goods from brands such as Eberjay, Novica and Alternative Apparel at up to 70% off. I am loving the fantastic, mineral based makeup Modern Minerals (vegan-friendly!) that is featured today and ending on 10/23. Their eyeshadows come in a fantastic array of colors such as Willow, Burlesque, and Oasis – all for $6.30! Don’t forget to check out the Ms. Betty ($75) vintage handbag, made from 100% vegan and recyclable materials, also on sale!

My favorite site of the trio listed is by far JP Selects. The sleek design of the site is attention grabbing, reminding me a bit of Guilt Group, while being an eco-learning experience. JP Selects features the widest selection of eco-friendly products, ranging from fashion, accessories, handbags, health & beauty and home & lifestyle. The 72 hour sales are on average 40% off, and are all supported and enhanced by a special video on each particular product, featuring either the designer or an eco-expert. For example, Calleen Cordero speaks about her handmade handbags and handcrafted footwear and how they are all made from recycled or sustainable material with vegetable tanned leather from Italy and utilizing glues that are 80% environmentally non-toxic – ecofabulous at its best! Calleen Cordero’s amazing Sancha Shoulder Bag retails for $429 but is on sale today for $214.50! JP Selects features the best and widest variety of environmentally fashionable clothing each week, such as the Bahla Moroccan Pant ($75) by EA Apparel.

Sancha Shoulder Bag Eco friendly Apparel

So don’t let cost get in the way of doing your part for the planet, instead give back by treating yourself! Browse these fabulous websites and sign up for their daily deal email blasts – you’ll start small by going green the ecofabulous way!

By Caitlin Colford

Posted by Staff Writer at 01:07 AM
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