12 November 2018

Fashion wants to be taken seriously and I want people to take it as seriously as I do. Psychologists consider it a mere capitalist manipulation of the masses. Economists think of it as “the opposite of rational”. I disagree with all of them. I believe those who don’t take fashion seriously are misunderstanding what fashion truly is. However, I have my own doubts about fashion’s ability (or inability) to send a cohesive message to the world about its credo. There are inconsistencies not only in what we understand fashion to be; is it the product or is it the change? There are also inconsistencies in what fashion stands for. Perhaps this is why it is so misunderstood. Here are just few of the fashion inconsistencies that trouble me:


The shows presented at fashion weeks in New York, Milan, and Paris are considered prêt-à-porter (ready to wear) but some designers use these opportunities to display only their creative skills as a marketing ploy for their brands. In other words, they use these shows to debut collections that serve more as an art form making a statement, rather than clothing that’s truly “prêt-à-porter.” I know it’s hard to shock anyone on the streets of New York City, but I believe my jaw might drop at the sight of anyone wearing this.


Fashion magazines—self-declared progressive voices that are supposed to promote change and empower women—seem to be completely gaga these days over a prince charming fairytale and EVERY SINGLE OUTFIT that Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex wears. Isn’t that just a little hypocritical? How exactly are these magazines empowering girls? I am not joining the ranks of those saying Meghan Markle was a bad feminist for giving up her job to pursue this marriage. I am only saying that the fashion industry is not doing her, or us women, any favors diminishing powerful women into nothing more than fashion influencers. I understand their motivation to also sell products featured within their pages, but I wish they’d quit pretending they are doing it to save us.


I personally don’t understand what streetwear’s superpower is. I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say that it’s taken over luxury fashion and that even chic preppy grandpa Ralph Lauren has not been safe from its influence. Virgil Abloh of Off-White fame and more recently named artistic director at Louis Vuitton men’s wear collection said, “Streetwear is what is worn on the street and it’s how real people wear clothes, sneakers with a dress, a hoodie—it’s mixing genres.” If the purpose is to democratize fashion, I am even more confused; how many people who flaunt “streetwear” on a daily basis can actually afford a rather simple looking blue anorak for $1390? If they can, I certainly don’t live on the right street.

I love fashion and I think the time has come for fashion to be taken seriously. It is economically and culturally significant and much can be learned by studying it through many different lenses. I believe there is truth to fashion’s lack of sense of humor, but if fashion wants people to quit laughing, then it’s time for fashion to address the emperor’s new clothes… season after season after season.

What do you think?


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30 January 2015

It’s Fall/Winter 2015-2016 fashion runway season, darlings, and we’ve already seen plenty of interesting things at the menswear shows. For example, the world collectively gasped and covered their mouths at the sight of designer Rick Owens’ infamous “penis runway at Paris Men’s Fashion Week, and the return of loose fits” in menswear at Gucci, Armani and Versace has people wondering if perfectly-fitted suits are O-U-T out.

(Sidebar: We really hope the loose fit thing doesn’t make a comeback. We had enough of that in the ’80s and ’90s, thankyouverymuch).

If you are in the “biz,” or really serious about keeping up with the shows, Modem magazine has a comprehensive fashion week agenda, lists of showrooms, tradeshows, multi-label showrooms and events.

We’re excited to see what else comes sauntering down the fashion runway, and we’re sure you are, too. Fortunately, there are plenty of days and weeks left to get our fix. For your delight, we have attached the best head-turning menswear fashion week looks from the streets of Milan. Ladies, be kind to your men, don’t expect them to look or dress like that. Enjoy!

PS. Do let us know if you plan to attend anything tweet us #stylishweek – we’ll find you! We’d love to see your pictures or hear your thoughts on anything related to the fashion week.

Menswear fashion week looks from the streets of Milan

Milan Menswear Fashion Week Street Style

Menswear fashion week looks

Menswear fashion week looks from streets of Milan

Milan FW 15 16 Menswear Fashion Week

Milan Menswear Fashion Week Street Style

Milan Menswear Fashion Week

By Wendy Rose Gould

Image credit: Flickr: plain-me select shop 男裝世界

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17 April 2012

While most fashionistas take their cue from the latest runway season, it goes without saying that each city adopts and finesses those styles to a certain degree. After all, you’re not going to find spring scarves and lots of layers in a sultry city like Miami or Los Angeles where skin is in and sweat is avoided at all costs. And in an ultra posh city such as Milan or Paris, you’ll be hard pressed to find the ultra casual frocks donned in laid back boroughs such as Houston or Seattle.

Clearly, every town has its own fashion senses. Naturally, these senses are based on the local climate and character of said city, but there’s also a certain style vibe evoked by the town’s residents.

For fun, the Stylish City has conducted a mini investigation into the real live stylish cities around the world.


Parisians are stereotyped for their regal dispositions and matching ensembles, but, like other major metropolitan cities, fashion-savvy Parisians aren’t afraid to experiment with kooky textures, prints and colors. In fact, Paris street style du jour is all about unexpected layering. Think a bright orange scarf over a leather jacket over a vintage floral blouse paired with pink, ’60s mod sunglasses; or flashy yellow leggings paired with a black gossamer cape, biker jacket and hood that covers corkscrew ringlets. Clearly, many Parisians ascribe to the anti-axiom: more is more.


I alluded to Miami in the introduction of this story by saying that skin is in. I wasn’t lying. Summery frocks (both with and without straps), colorful cotton shorts and skirts, peek-a-boo midriffs, flirty floral wedges, tropical print blouses and a pair of sunglasses for everyday of the week are considered wardrobe necessities when bouncing around this beachy town.


Anyone who’s walked the streets of Tokyo (myself included), knows that fashion forward Japanese women love to experiment with textures, colors and patterns. Tokyo street styles often equals layer after layer — layered with more layers, of course — bright pops of color, kitschy shoes and accessories, and quirky hair that isn’t afraid to go there.


As is expected, stylish women in Milan sport polished, well-thought out ensembles that are nothing short of vogue. We’re talking crisp colors, perfect coiffures, and sophisticated prints wrapped up in a posh-meets-femme package.

New York

The big apple serves as home to some of the world’s most eclectic personalities, so expecting anything less than multifarious street style is just plain wrong. This spring, New York City street style is as diverse as ever. Current trends, though, include ultra bright pops of color via both pants and tops (a nod to the retro, colortastic ’80s), mixed patterns, Mad Men mod-meets-modern mod duds, and a sort of classy grunge that seems oxymoronic, but totally works.

By Wendy Rose Gould

Posted by Wendy Rose Gould at 07:38 AM
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