8 May 2015

WHAT: JINsoon Manicure Event

WHY: Celebrate the Barneys New York XO JINsoon nail collection!

Enjoy a complimentary mini-manicure and receive a strengthening base Power Coat when you purchase any three JINsoon nail colors.

Visit the JINsoon counter for appointments or call 212.833.2550. See you there…

WHEN: 5/9; Sat (1-7)

WHERE: Barneys New York
660 Madison Avenue
New York, NY 10065

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9 August 2011

With the United States losing its triple A credit rating last week, frugality seems to be the order of the day once more. The chief philosophy of the frugal has always been DIY – do it yourself. Over the years we have seen this philosophy become more and more popular, with people decorating their own apartments, cooking gourmet meals at home, even brewing their own beer at home.

Are DIY beauty regimens the way of the future? We hope notBut what about your beauty regimen? Especially here in New York City, professional styling has long been a feature of many women’s lives. With a huge population of working women, having that place to go where someone knows what they’re doing is a godsend for many. But even apart from that, there is the rest and relaxation element too – when you can sit back, close your eyes and let someone else do all the nit-picky beauty work so you don’t have to, it lifts a weight from your shoulders.

If you haven’t guessed it yet, we’re not huge fans of the DIY beauty scene that has been emerging of late. “Getting the professional look at home” is the new marketing agenda for the big beauty brands.  Clearly an attempt to take advantage of the changing financial status of the average consumer, this move will no doubt prove successful in certain sectors.

Isn’t it a little patronizing though? In fact it is patronizing on two levels. One: These big beauty brands are pretty much saying “you have no idea how to make yourself look good, you need to buy our products if you want to resemble a human being again.” Two: They are effectively saying that the years of training and experience that beauty professionals possess is worthless – this magic Olay potion will do the trick!

“The goal is for simple application with professional results. Getting people to look like they had a makeover but they did it themselves in 15 minutes is what everyone is going after,” said Stu Dolleck, president of NuWorld, a leading cosmetics contract manufacturer, speaking to Women’s Wear Daily.

If your goal is to do something in fifteen minutes that would normally take much longer, there is only one name for that; a quick fix. And that’s fine if that’s how you promote it – we all need a quick fix beauty solution when we are short on time (or money). But the issue is that that’s not how it is being promoted – these products are being presented as miracle solutions.

Expecting beauty corporations to act responsibly – or indeed to promote the merits of hard working beauty professionals – is somewhat naive of us of course. We don’t even suggest that you don’t buy these products – we all need a well stocked beauty kit and there’s no doubt some of these products will have their plus sides. But what we do want to do is highlight the benefits of going to a pro when you can afford it.

As we have said before, these people are professionals and that means something. Whether we’re talking about manicurists, hairdressers, waxers, skincare experts – these people have spent years learning their trade and they practice their skills day in and day out. When you are in the hands of a professional, you can relax and let them do their thing, safe in the knowledge that they know what they are doing. No instructions to read on the back of the bottle, no trying to multi task while your nails dry.

Think about it like going to the dentist. You wouldn’t try and pull out your own tooth when you get a toothache – or at least we hope you wouldn’t. You would go to a professional to get it taken care of. However, while you wait for your appointment, you’ll most likely take some painkilling drugs like Tylenol or Advil. Well, those are the quick fix solutions, like the DIY beauty products are the quick fix solutions of your beauty regimen. Ultimately, when you want something done properly, you go to a pro.

Whatever your situation, you can never replace your manicurist with a shiny bottle of Maybelline, or your hairdresser with a bottle of brown stuff featuring Kim Kardashian on the box. And we think that’s a good thing, because you can’t beat the professional touch. There is no better resource for expert beauty advice than a trained and experienced professional, and ironically that advice is more necessary than ever with all these new products flooding the market.

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28 March 2011

Every woman wants to look glamorous and the center of attention. This Spring why not try some of these fabulous beauty tips to take your look up a notch? Before you know it you’ll not only be turning heads but breaking necks!

Glam Beauty Secret #1 False Lashes
Beautiful lush lashes are essential to achieving a glamorous look but unfortunately not all of us have been blessed with them. however, thanks to false lashes we can all getGlam Beauty Secret #1 False Lashes the doe eyed look for less than five dollars. Choose Ardelle brand lashes and Duo surgical grade glue as they are top of the line brands that makeup artists swear by. If you want more semi-permanent results try eyelash extensions, they are basically single lashes placed on by a very strong glue. And if you’d like to go all the way try a prescription lash growth serum such as Revitalash or Latisse, both stimulate your natural lashes and make them grow longer naturally.
Glam Beauty Secret #2 Colored Contacts
Colored contacts have been a favorite of actresses and they are a tiny way to change your look dramatically. If you ever dreamed of having bright blue eyes, Glam Beauty Secret #2 Colored Contactssultry brown eyes, or any other color for that matter then contacts are a really fun way to totally change your look fast and easily. Go with Freshlooks Color Blends as they look super natural and are ultra comfortable. Most colored contacts are disposable and shouldn’t be worn for more than one month.
Glam Beauty Secret # 3 Hair Extensions
Everyone is getting hair extensions now as it is the latest craze in Hollywood. Not only is long hair feminine but it is also slimming. There are many hair extension Glam Beauty Secret # 3 Hair Extensionsoptions out there depending on how much you would like to shell out for long luscious locks and also how permanent you’d like them to be. If you are looking for something basic that you can just clip on for special events then you should definitely try Jessica Simpson’s line of clip-in hair extensions. They are extremely affordable and look very realistic. If you’d like something more permanent then go with Platinum Seamless extensions which are the Rolls Royce of extensions. Platinum seamless extensions are applied directly to your aural hair and are virtual unnoticeable. Most high end salons are trained int his new procedure so call your stylist.
Glam beauty Secret # 4 The Manicure that lasts and lasts
Perfectly groomed nails are a must for every glamour girl but it’s so hard to keep a perfectly polished manicure due to chips form everyday life. Now OPI has solvedGlam beauty Secret # 4 The Manicure that lasts and lasts that problem for us with their cool new UV gel manicures that let for two weeks onwards and for pedicures the results are even longer, sometimes lasting a full month. Instead of applying nail polish a colored gel is applied to your nails and then heated by a UV lamp adhering the color to your nails safely. These gel manicures are a great option if you are extremely busy and can’t get to the salon every week or even if you’re just going on vacation where there last thing you’d like to focus on is you wrecked manicure. Most salons have this service and it can cost anywhere from $25-50.00 for a UV gel manicure and $35-65 for a UV gel pedicure.

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