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3 August 2013

Makeup Tips for Extraordinarily Hot Weather

I hope you’re all recovering from the heat wave that encapsulated basically the entire United States a few weeks ago. As a Phoenix dweller who’s come to refer to “heat waves” as summer breezes — and who says things like, “Oh! The high is only 100 degrees today?” — I was somewhat unfazed by it all. However, I did feel for you poor souls who aren’t used to scorching temps.

I actually escaped to Boulder, Colorado for a portion of it, where the abnormally high local temps of 90ish degree temperatures felt absolutely lovely compared to the 115 I’d grown accustomed to. Score!

Anyway, all these people on social media, the news (and even in person!) upset over the hot weather inspired me to share some makeup tips for extraordinarily hot weather. You know, so your makeup doesn’t melt off your face!

Tip 1: Always Use Primer

My husband laughs when I say I’m going to go paint my face, but that I first need to apply some primer. But in the same way a primer creates a smooth foundation for your home’s walls, it also preps your skin for foundation, blush and anything else you’ll apply. Primer also helps your makeup last longer, especially when you’re prone to sweating it off. On the hottest of hot days, say buh-bye to melting faces and hello to primer. I’ve had great success with BECCA’s primer and Max Factor makes some amazing products, as well.

Tip 2: Apply Makeup to a Dry Face

This is kind of a given, but how, exactly, does one keep her face dry when it’s muggy and hot? First, face a fan or air conditioner when applying your makeup. If you’re still sweaty, give your face a blast of (non-hot) air from your blow dryer. Secondly, rinse the sweat off your face off with cool water and gently pat dry with a clean towel before applying any makeup.

Tip 3: Keep Makeup Products Cool

Store any of your liquid cosmetics in the fridge. That includes foundation, BB cream, primers, lip glosses, cream blushes, liquid eyeliners, etc. This isn’t a necessity, but it will help cool you down!

Tip 4: Opt for Waterproof Mascara

If you’re not wearing waterproof mascara, sweat can make your mascara run. And that causes mascara to get in your eyes. Few things are as uncomfortable as mascara in your eyes, am I right? Always opt for waterproof mascara, especially if you’ll be out in the sun and especially if you’ll be anywhere near a pool.

Tip 5: A Touch of Deodorant On Your Nose

A few years ago, I discovered that even though I was wearing an SPF foundation/powder and primer, my nose would get burnt whenever I played outdoors. After a bit of thinking, I realized my makeup kept rubbing off due to a) sweat and b) my sunglasses sliding up and down my nose. The Bozo look nobody any favors, myself included. Solution? A touch of deodorant on your nose will help prevent sweat and keep your sunglasses in place.

Tip 6: Use Setting Spray or Powder

Even when we’re reaching record breaking temperatures here in the desert valley (hello, 120 degrees!), my makeup lasts through the day. How? Well, minimum exposure to outside weather (even if my AC is set to 86 degrees inside), but makeup setting powder also helps. I apply a quick dusting of Make Up Forever HD Powder and boom — flawless face for hours!

By Wendy Rose Gould

Posted by Wendy Rose Gould at 12:00 AM
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13 March 2013

Fashion is clearly the highlight of any runway show, but never forget about the thoughtful hair and makeup that completes the designer’s full concept. Below are four fall 2013 NYFW beauty trends that you can wear tomorrow.

Let us know what your favorite (and least favorite) beauty/hair/fashion trends were in the comment section below.

Dramatic Indigo Eyes

Christine over at the Hair Romance blog shared a series of her favorite fall 2013 NYFW beauty trends, and among them were Jason Wu’s dramatic, bluish-purple eyes. The look was done by makeup artist Diane Kendal, who used a lilac on the center of the eyelid for a little bit of dimension. Kendal also applied a smudgy line of color underneath the eyes and up toward the brow for a futuristic, winged effect.

Jason Wu's dramatic, bluish-purple eyes Fall 2013 NYFW Beauty Trend

Berry Pouts

While a deep, red oxblood hue adorned the lips of models on last year’s fall runways, this year it was all about berries. For example, Rachel Zoe and Derek Lam showcased berry-stained lips, as did Vera Wang. Check out the tutorial by The Platform on Youtube that shows you how to create a sleek and simple makeup look with berry lips.

Velvety Skin

ChickAdvisor‘s Alexandra was particularly fond of the velvety, au naturel skin worn by Fall 2013 NYFW models. Highlighting and contouring was kept to a minimum, she writes, as was blush. The key to achieving a velvety finish is to apply a primer before a tinted moisturizer or BB cream and then blend, blend, blend. Only apply heavy foundation or concealer where you truly need it and allow the rest of your skin to breath.

Velvety Skin Fall 2013 NYFW Beauty Trend

Art Deco Nails

Sahra Schukraft at Feminspire gushed over the Fall 2013 NYFW nails. “At NYFW it’s all about creating something unique, something that’s your own,” she said. For example, DKNY and The Blonde’s adorned their models’ hands with spikes, chains and an assortment of bells and whistles. Also spotted were dark, earthy browns and murky greens very reminiscent of scenic woodlands.

Art Deco Nails Fall 2013 NYFW Beauty Trend

By Wendy Rose Gould

Posted by Wendy Rose Gould at 04:00 PM
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28 April 2012

When I taught English in Korea in 2008/2009, one of my favorite parts about the culture was, naturally, the beauty world. I discovered all sorts of weird and never-before-used products, such as essence masks and yes, the now popular BB cream. I didn’t know what a BB cream was at the time and the language barrier made my attempts at finding out futile. And, since they hadn’t become all the rage yet over in the USA, I had poor luck finding any information online.

Anyway, within the past year or so, I started hearing the newest beauty buzz word, BB cream, and my eyes lit up. Turns out, BB creams (beauty, or blemish, balm) are kind of awesome.

QUICK LOOK Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream SPF 35 $39.00 What are BB Creams?BB creams are, essentially, a primer-meets-foundation-meets-anti-aging-meets acne treatment. Many are slightly tinted and provide sheer coverage, but they can also go on underneath your makeup if you want additional coverage. At their core BB creams are tinted moisturizers, but they’re much more than that. In addition to evening out skin tone, you’ll find that BB creams help clear up acne, reduce pore size and give you that glowy, youthful sheen.
Dr. Jart+ Premium Beauty Balm SPF 45 PA+++ $39.00 How to Apply BB CreamsApply BB creams just like you would a primer or tinted moisturizer. Squeeze a small amount onto fingertips and then massage evenly into skin. Alternatively, use a makeup sponge.
Clinique Age Defense BB Cream SPF 30 $37.00 Where to Buy BB CreamsGood news, ladies. The BB cream craze has made them far easier to find these days. While they used to be sold almost exclusively by Korean beauty brands, you can now find them in most department and drugstores. That’s right, BB creams at drug store prices.

Have you already tried a BB cream? If so, what was the product and would you recommend it again? Share your reviews and thoughts in the comment section below.
By Wendy Rose Gould

Posted by Wendy Rose Gould at 08:09 AM
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