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It was about time for to undergo a face-lift– A Spring (Well… more like a mid-Summer) Cleaning of sorts. Being that our goal at is to provide New Yorkers with unsponsored and unbiased advice on how to maintain class, sophistication, and style at a practical price, we felt it necessary to spiff up a few aspects of our website in order to better deliver on this promise.

We understand that New Yorkers are busy– We New Yorkers want information, and we want it fast! Starting with the features you love, specifically our “Sample Sale Calender,” “Stock and Sample Sale Reviews,” and “Most Popular NYC Stores and Boutiques,” we have re-engineered our site so you can more effortlessly find what you’re looking for.

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There are so many aspects of style that cannot be bought– not even at a great bargain. With all the recessionary belt tightening going on, we agree that sales provide a great opportunity for a little personal indulgence, but no matter how much you love them (or how little they cost you), great shoes don’t make the girl.

The 2008 Presidential Election is a mere few months away– read up on the two candidates and the key issues at hand. (And while you’re at it… take a second to admire Michelle Obama’s impeccable style! Wow.) Besides, if you try to impress a cute date by manifesting your knowledge of scheduled sample sales for the months of July and August (Although, you would make us proud!)– you may find yourself spending the rest of the night alone with Ben and Jerry.


On a more local level, immerse yourself in the magnificent culture that New York City is known for (at a great price!):

If you dig Wonder Woman’s style. Until September 1st, The Metropolitan Museum of Art has an exhibition, entitled “Superheroes: Fashion and Fantasy.” It may not be as exhilarating as the record-breaking “Dark Knight,” but it’s worth a visit!

Suggested Entrance Fee: $20 (Adults), $10 (Students). More info @

Rock for free. All summer long, you can find fun (and FREE!!) concerts sponsored by City Parks Foundation at “SummerStage” in Central Park. Most of the performing artists are up-and-coming, and “the show will go on,” rain or shine!

More info @

For a guilt-free dine… price-wise, at least. It’s unfortunate that it’s already coming to an end (sigh), but until August 1st, many restaurants throughout New York City are participating in Restaurant Week. At many of the best (and not so great) restaurants in NYC, you can enjoy a three-course pre-fixe meal at a fabulous price! ($24.07 lunch, $35 dinner) Although NYC Restaurant Week technically concludes on August 1st, keep your eyes open, because sometimes restaurants keep their menu around for longer.

More info @

With the falling stock market, rising unemployment and declining bonus expectations, few New Yorkers are spending like they used to…

so spend wisely, get invovled in this landmark election, and enjoy all of the wonderful things our city has to offer for free, or close to it!

Until next time..



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