Noelle comforts Allison

While using her as a pawn in her own chess game

10 February 2008

By Navillus James
[email protected] 800 words

Noelle’s cell phone screamed “Smoke on the Water” for the tenth time as she showed a wide-eyed junior investment broker still another overpriced engagement ring. “This is one of our best rings, and your fiancée would be the envy of all her friends if she wore this” Noelle fibbed to the young lion. It was a mediocre ring in a setting that made it appear larger than it actually was.

“I think I need some more time to think. Can I have your card and get back to you?’ the broker asked.

“Certainly sir. My name is Noelle, and I am here Tuesdays through Friday till 8pm most nights. I look forward to seeing you again.”

She handed him a business card and quickly checked her cell phone. It was Allison again. Part of Noelle was enjoying Allison’s angst since her husband had left her for the Cheese Maven of New York City. Her friend’s distress made her own suffering a bit easier to swallow. Landing a gig in a Broadway musical should have been enough to satisfy her, but now Noelle wanted more. She wanted Lance, the untouchable Lance. He lived in her building, and made her knees weak. Lance gave Noelle’s the butterflies that are like a sweet narcotic to most women. “I want Sir Lance a Lot,” she would repeat ad nauseam to her girlfriends, to their chagrin and disdain. Problem was Lance was engaged to be married. To a woman with a flat ass, no less. That was also something that the beautiful Noelle found contemptible. She schemed between performances and selling over priced diamonds her plan to make Lance her own.

“Hi Allie what’s up? I was busy with a customer,” Noelle said after redialing Allison’s phone number.

“Not much honey. I just had a quick question for you. I know it sounds ridiculous to ask this%u2026can you find out if my ex has given his new tramp an engagement ring?”

Noelle rolled her deep brown eyes and paused for a moment.

“Sweetie, the only way I can find out that information is if he brought the ring here. Jewelers don’t keep a database I can access to see what your ex is up to. Besides, you need to move on and put him in your rear view mirror. We talked about this and you discussed it with your therapist. It’s not good for you to dwell on your ex and what he may or may not be doing sweetie. It’s time to move on Hon”.

“I know I know,” sobbed Allison into the phone. “It’s just so-so goddamn hard. I cannot believe he left me. It’s like a death.”

Noelle smiled to herself. It was certainly NOT like a death, she thought. Allison’s husband had been cheating on her for years with various females, and possibly one male. The fact that he finally summoned the cajones to leave her was probably the best thing that could happen to her. Besides, she thought. With Allie being single again, she had another option for company on her Thursday night forays out on the town.

“Baby you’ll get over it. You need to walk Mitchie around Central Park West and meet another dog lover. You know you will honey. You just have to put yourself out there, Let them know you’re available.”

“I know, I know” sniffed Allison. “You always know what to tell me to keep me from falling apart Noelle. Always. You’re like a sister to me you know.”

“Ok Hon I gotta run. A customer just walked in” Noelle lied. “We’re still on for Margaritas at the Tapas bar on Thursday right Allie?”

“Most definitely Noelle. We’ll talk tomorrow. I hope you make the sale!”

Noelle clicked off and dropped her cell back into her handbag. She had been plotting a way to get with Lance, the guy from her building. She was a born schemer; so as an actress, she figured it would be an easy one to pull off. She wanted Allison, who was a dog owner, and Lance, who also walked his dog outside their building, to strike up a conversation that she, Noelle, would choreograph through Allison. At the pre-planned moment in the middle of their “doggy chat”, Noelle would emerge from the building, hug her friend Allie, and give her a ticket to one of her upcoming show performances. This would be her opening to also give Lance a ticket. One ticket. Noelle believed with all her heart that if she could get Lance a lot to see her perform, she could get Lance. She had gone over this plan a million times in her head.

She and Allison would hash out the details over Patron Margarita’s and Tapas on Thursday. At least one of them should be happy she rationalized.

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