Mirror, Mirror on the Wall...and on the Counter, and that one over there, too!

20 November 2008

It might be because we’re concerned with how others see us that we are always checking our reflection in a mirror. Naturally you’d be justifiably horrified to walk out of a lunch date to then find that the entire time you smiled with self-confidence you’ve had a piece of spinach (why is it always spinach used as an example – who eats that much spinach?!) surreptitiously stuck in your otherwise perfect and artificially whitened teeth. That would embarrass anyone – even Gwyneth.

But sometimes we get too caught up in checking our reflection, it becomes an obsession the way others count calories or dedicate themselves to finishing cross word puzzles. I don’t know how well I paid attention in every psychology class I ever had – but I’m pretty sure that obsessions aren’t good to have. Eliminating mirrors doesn’t solve this issue, as my friends and I learned when we forciably confiscated all a certain mirror-obsessed friends’ compact mirrors. We also instituted a rule that she couldn’t hop off to the ladies room without supervision so that she wouldn’t be using those mirrors. But, as I told you – this didn’t help much.

But not everyone takes things this far. Does occasionally checking a mirror make us vain, or can it mean we’re simply very into self-awareness? Charlotte on Sex and the City once admitted to the gals on the show that she enjoyed locking herself in her bathroom to stare at her pores in a magnifying mirror (I’m guilty of this as well). Are we making ourselves crazy with finding imperfections or we do just like to see ourselves smile?

There are good reasons to have mirrors – they reflect light, are pretty, and goodness if you don’t need a good one to apply your makeup in the dim-light of a winter morning.

TheVogueCity.com has these mirror suggestions:

Irving W. Rice & Co. Square Rimless Mirror – Neiman Marcus

This mirror has, “Silver-backed optical quality glass, same as used in microscopes and fine cameras.” Yikes! I know the idea of looking at your face (and skin, especially) through a microscope isn’t on your list of things to do, ever. But the 7x magnification will come in handy when you’re trying to line your eyes with a superfine eyeliner tip. This particular makeup mirror is interesting because it’s square in shape, and rimless. So instead of just having something pretty in the mirror, the mirror is also pretty. Good deal? Good deal.
irving w rice co rimless mirror

LOWEST PRICE OF THE HOLIDAY SEASON! (aka SALE) Charter Club Mirrored Accessories – Macy’s

mirrors on sale

Tweezermate 10x Magnification Travel Mirror  – Sephora

Tweezermate, don’t be so humble. With the handy suction things (sorry to get so technical on you all) on the back this is perfect for applying makeup on any trip, not just tweezing pesky strays.
tweezerman travel compact mirror cheap

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