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I don't want him to get the idea that I can easily transition from day to evening without an outfit change or many glasses of champagne to cloud my apparel memory.

19 September 2009

When my Sunday night date called and asked me if we could make it 5:30, my heart started to race. I looked up the sunset: 7:12p.m. Totally willing to sacrifice an hour and forty-two minutes of looking slightly ridiculous for a fabulous second date outfit, I concurred. A half an hour later, my phone buzzed with a text reading: “2:45?” Wait. What? Two forty-five as in two forty-five in the afternoon? My stomach turned, and I forced a dry swallow. What on earth was I to wear in the broad daylight on a Sunday afternoon that would make me feel sexy while simultaneously enticing him?

I sat down at stared at my phone. Surely there was no way he could mean 2:45 in the morning, which honestly I would be more comfortable with. Obviously, he was attempting to plan an activity. If he continues to take me to dinner after dinner, I will write him off as lacking creativity, so while this pseudo relationship may be a bit early for the day date, it signifies effort. “Okay.” I wrote and headed upstairs to meticulously comb my wardrobe.

day dateThree days and no outfit later, I sat at my desk listing appropriate day-to-night shoes wishing I would have lied and said I was busy until 7:12 p.m. Disregarding the fact that I over think every aspect of my dating life (in all fairness, it’s sort of my job), I complained to my mom about my too-early day date. “Imagine this transitions into an evening date. Then what? I wear the same thing all day and night? Um, no.” I adamantly stated.
“No, you go home and change. That’s what I did,” she said referring to the never ending date she had with my stepdad in the beginning of their relationship. “He can’t expect you’ll wear an outfit all day and then to dinner as well. And you may as well be yourself from the beginning.”

With that, I realized that I wanted to change clothes but feared he would think I’m shallow or whatever if I openly suggested a wardrobe change. Recently, I told a friend I had to get my nails done before my date. She replied, “Oh, I never go to a date with my nails done.”

“Why?” I asked.

“Because I rarely have my nails done in real life. It’s false advertising. I don’t want them to get the idea that I’ll always have manicured nails.”

Similarly, I may as well let him know upfront that I heart fashion and if wants to date me, then he has to deal with my finicky wardrobe issues. I don’t want him to get the idea that I can easily transition from day to evening without an outfit change or many glasses of champagne to cloud my apparel memory. And even bubbly would be hard pressed to completely erase my wardrobe awareness. But, as silly as my friend sounded, the girl has a point. While we needn’t unleash our inner crazy in the first month, there is no point in falsely advertising a self we can’t keep up with in the long haul. And in the long haul, I require 4+ inch heels past dusk. And dancing…lots and lots of dancing.

Emma Dinzebach

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