Emma Dinzebach

Emma Dinzebach-Bars & Restaurants ContributorEmma is a professional fundraiser by day, freelance writer by night, currently writing her first collective memoir. In addition to being wined and dined, Emma spends her time exposing the idiosyncrasies the city’s  nightlife devotees and spontaneously psychoanalyzing others.  She enjoys: hockey players, sneakerheads, cooked-to-perfection polenta, and she cannot live without: extra dirty martinis, dance offs, sample sales, The New York Times Book Review, and kissing. Favorite saying: “You’re beautiful. Never change.” Website:


Wendy Wong

Wendy Wong-House ContributorL.A. born and bred writer Wendy Wong trades in sunshine and surf for subways, snow, and Shake Shack. Armed with MetroCard in hand, the recent East Coast convert is coming to terms with the fact that a 20-minute wait at Trader Joe’s is the norm and that Shake Shack is the closest thing to In-N-Out east of Arizona. Having experienced her first snowstorm and subsequent lack of cold weathered gear, she’s now on the look out for her first pair of rain boots and a proper winter coat—that is, when she isn’t on the hunt for the latest home décor trends. Website:


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