20 August 2012

The Annual Jazz Age Lawn Party on Governors Island took place this year on Saturday August 18, 2012 and Sunday August 19, 2012. It was lots of fun, much more than we expected in fact. It was music, food, cocktails and Jay Gatsbys everywhere you looked, what’s not to like? If you recognize yourself in the picture, send us and email and we’ll send you a copy.

Jay Gatsbys everywhere at The Annual Jazz Age Lawn Party on Governors Island

The Annual Jazz Age Lawn Party on Governors Island

The Annual Jazz Age Lawn Party on Governors Island

The Annual Jazz Age Lawn Party on Governors Island

The Annual Jazz Age Lawn Party on Governors Island

The Annual Jazz Age Lawn Party on Governors Island

The Annual Jazz Age Lawn Party on Governors Island

The Annual Jazz Age Lawn Party on Governors Island

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23 March 2012

I have to admit that I’ve yet to hop on the Hunger Games bandwagon, but this week I feel a compelling pull toward the movie theater (and book store) due to all the hype. In fact, I regularly see Facebook status updates from friends boasting that they’ve read the entire trilogy in under a week’s time. Clearly, the Hunger Games are a hit.

As a fashion junkie (one who starts to experience painful withdrawals if I haven’t checked up on the latest style buzz), I was naturally curious about the fashions featured in the Hunger Games.

For those unaware, the Hunger Games take place in a post-apocalyptic world, so the fashion should — no, must — be magnificently imaginative. Thanks to movie previews and a few set photos floating around the web, we fashion junkies have been able to get a feel for what Hunger Games has to offer in terms of style.

In my opinion, I found there was a healthy blend of inventive clothing as well as duds from eras long ago. If you think about the clothing we wear today, a lot of the styles are borrowed from the past. This realistic take on Hunger Games fashion was an interesting way for Judianna Makovsky, the movie’s costume designer (she was also the costume designer for the Harry Potter films) to go. Makovsky was tasked with bringing to life a variety of characters, from rich “Capitol” residents to impoverished coal miners.

Capitol Couture - The Hunger GamesCapitol Couture

Big fashion names such as Alexander McQueen, Jean Paul Gaultier and Rodarte are all over the set of Hunger Games, especially when it comes to the Capitolists (read: the very wealthy). Noteworthy ensembles are worn by Effie Trinket (played by Elizabeth Banks), who’s described in the books as having large, brightly colored pink hair and green wigs. Her outfits are akin to a retro-futuristic Gaga couture, complete with giant hair pieces, tufted skirts, feminine prints and billowing shoulders in flashy colors. Think Scarlett O’hara meets Gaga meets Marie Antoinette. Brilliant! The Capitol mens’ outfits are less “look-at-me loud” and instead more tailored, streamlined and sharp.

Coal Miner Duds

For the poorer class, Makovsky nods heavily to clothing worn during the Depression era. Naturally, the pieces are far less showy in terms of color and flourishes compared to the capitolists. They’re a bit gritty, but with a twinge of sweet. For example, Katniss Everdeen (played by Jennifer Lawrence), volunteers for the games wearing a utilitarian, bleached blue dress with pretty ruching at the shoulders and a bow at her waist.

Tribute Games

While the Capitol Couture is certainly eye catching, it’s the Tribute Games getups that get truly quirky and futuristic. For the opening ceremony of the games, the two representatives from District 12 are seen wearing head-to-toe black leather suits, complete with fire-like black flames licking their shoulders.

FYI: Hunger Games premieres Friday, March 23. There may be midnight showings in your area.

The Hunger Games MovieJennifer Lawrence Hunger Games.jpg

By Wendy Rose Gould

Posted by Wendy Rose Gould at 05:00 AM
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26 February 2012

Watching the Oscars through the eyes of a failed actress is a slightly different ritual than it is for the regular, everyday Oscar viewer. It is at once a sadist and masochistic experience, enjoying the fashion mistakes and technical difficulties, but also having my heart break when some average performer gets to strut off the stage holding the golden man that symbolizes true talent. (Or symbolizes having the old, white male voters in your back pocket). It kind of reminds me of the recent contraception debacle, but I’ll save that for another post. Every year, despite my attempts to avoid it, I cannot resist the temptation to be in bed with Hollywood for those grueling four hours.

I think we can all agree that we watch the Oscars with the hope of experiencing the sense of satisfying shadenfreude (delight in the misery of others) when an actor strolls onto the red carpet wearing a disastrous gown or tuxedo. We love to watch a hot mess in action. We also enjoy watching cocky performers expect to win the award only to be beaten by some scrappy newcomer. The award show people know that we enjoy this, hence the reason why they leave the camera in close-up position on their faces as they announce the winners. But even the winners will sometimes trip and fall on their way to the stage. It’s brilliant.

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Posted by Alyssa Ritch at 11:19 AM
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