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Are you ready to go an entire 365 days without buying even one new piece of clothing or pair of shoes?

Even though December 31st and January 1st are only a day apart, there's something about the beginning of a new year that makes us all feel like we've started afresh. Call it a second -- or third, fourth or 20th -- chance to get it right, call it... More »

The End of an Era: Adieux, Gossip Girl

Last night, we ushered in the end of an era. One of luxe opulence, high drama and, of course, really great styling. Gossip Girl was meant to fill the empty Louboutin's Sex and the City left behind when the HBO show went off the air, but this... More »

How do you REALLY feel about the holidays?

Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukkah! Happy Holidays, everyone! Did that greeting warmed up your heart, or brought up tears to your eyes? Depending where I was in life I felt joy or sadness myself at the arrival of the holiday season. What do you... More »

CFDA Winners Announced, We Wonder What Role The Winners' Social Status Plays

The Vogue Fashion Fund, a 9-year-old program that both mentors and provides cash for budding designers, partnered with the CFDA this past week to celebrate Seventh Avenue's next generation of designers. The annual dinner event was chock full of... More »

5 Facts You Should Know about your Brain that could make you Successful

In a recent series by Business Insider, behavior scientist Dr. Susan Weinschenk highlighted 100 psychological facts (presented in two parts) that every human should understand about themselves and others.Weinschenk, who penned the books, "Neuro... More »

Embracing Fat: The Word, The Body

While the topic of weight is certainly a delicate subject that requires light treading, a new "love fat" movement insists that embracing the word, and the bodies the word describes, is key in body and weight acceptance.Lesley Kinzel is a leader... More »

4 Reasons to Be Proud You're a New Yorker

New York has a reputation for being a cold place. Not just chilly temps during the winter months (though this past winter has been pleasantly mild), but the way it sort of turns people into stoic creatures marching from point A to B. We've all heard... More »

Power of Change

Coming from a girl who spent her afternoons shopping at Barneys and tanning on her terrace, even I realized there was time for change. I wanted to become a person I could be proud of, not just make my parents proud, but myself. After 10 years of... More »

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