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What is Found4less?

We are a meeting place, just like Union Square or Central Park, a place where women of all backgrounds can gather and share news about bargains and money-saving tips. We are fashionable and creative, and too smart to pay full price for anything…and so are you. We keep you informed in many ways. Read on:

Expert Advice
We keep you up to date on trends in fashion, beauty and technology from the 10-12 stores that we know best.

Bargain News
News about upcoming New York City sales, events and anything that’s both worthwhile and affordable.

Sample Sales
Found4Less is the only place where you will not only find the dates, times and locations of sample sales, we actually attend the sales and review them, so we can let you know which sample sales are worth your time and which ones you can skip because your time is as valuable as your money.

Expert Advice for Pets
At Found4Less, we understand that your pet is more than a pet—your pet is a member of your family. We also know how expensive pet care and accessories can be. So we offer you tips on how to pamper your pet without breaking your budget.

Ask the Expert
We encourage our readers to ask questions about style trends or money saving tips, and kick it to our experts for expert answers.

Bargain Bragging Forum
The forum is a place where you can show off your knowledge of great deals and can benefit from the knowledge of other users—who are real people, not magazine editors. In the forum, you the opportunity to nominate a restaurant or café that’s a great bargain and other users have the option to vote. Found4Less is sponsoring a contest: at the end of 2008 we will give away 100 to each bargain connoisseur who gets the most votes in his/her category.

Advertise Your Sale for Free
Does your store have a sale coming up? Let us know! We’re the only place where you can advertise your sale for free.

Corner Booth
Corner Booth is a webserial similar to “Sex and the City,” but it differs from SATC in that it depicts more realistic New York situations. It’s also an experiment in creativity.

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