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By Wendy Rose Gould on 11 July, 2013

We live in an interesting time.The same thing was also said amidst the boom of print media, especially when haute couture glossies first hit the market and the whole fashion industry became more of an "event" as opposed to a utilitarian... More »

By Wendy Rose Gould on 8 July, 2013

We recently conducted a poll on The Stylish City website which asked readers to vote on their number one resolution for 2013. Now that we're already seven months into the "new" year, it's about time we got around to revealing -- and talking... More »

By Wendy Rose Gould on 2 May, 2013

Sometimes, I look at my two sultry felines and think to myself, "Wow. They really have it made." And sometimes, just sometimes, I get a wee bit envious of their lavish catnaps on the fuzzy sheepskin rug in my bedroom, or the fact that they get... More »

By Mirela Gluck on 6 March, 2013

As Fashion's Night Out (FNO) is finally being put to rest, I've taken the time to reflect on Anna Wintour's power. Specifically, whether or not she's “too big to fail” and if she's smart enough to navigate any disaster that may come her... More »

By Wendy Rose Gould on 24 February, 2013

Oh yes, baby! There's romance in the air, and it's between your TV and social media stream. It's no surprise that, in general, the way of TV-watching has changed drastically with the influx and success of social media.Take, for example,... More »

By Wendy Rose Gould on 22 February, 2013

As a Phoenix desert resident, my "spring cleaning" generally takes place somewhere between summer's 115 degree temperatures and winter's rainy monsoon season. However, when I lived in the great Midwest, that distinct turn from winter weather to... More »

By Wendy Rose Gould on 20 January, 2013

Hitting the clearance rack is one easy way to save money, but you can save even more by planning ahead and shopping strategically throughout the year. Obviously, items are discounted when they go out of season. For example, winter apparel goes... More »

By Wendy Rose Gould on 10 January, 2013

Perhaps this dates me, but as a child I remember watching the 1994 re-make of The Little Rascals (you know -- the kids movie with Alfafa, Spanky, Buckwheat and Darla). In this movie, there was a great divide between the neighborhood boys and girls.... More »

By Wendy Rose Gould on 4 January, 2013

Even though December 31st and January 1st are only a day apart, there's something about the beginning of a new year that makes us all feel like we've started afresh. Call it a second -- or third, fourth or 20th -- chance to get it right, call it... More »

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