By Wendy Rose Gould on 3 January, 2013

Makeup manufacturers and beauty gurus have declared BB creams so last year. But what new product could possible take their place? The CC cream, of course.While BB stands for "beauty balm," CC is short for "Color Control" and is considered an... More »

By Wendy Rose Gould on 5 December, 2012

We all have our favorite, die-hard staple products. Goods that -- heaven forbid we run out of -- we rely on day in and day out to make us feel, smell and look nothing short of wonderful. Today we're dishing on our must have bathroom goodies. Check... More »

By Wendy Rose Gould on 25 November, 2012

These days, most people have a love hate relationship with smart phones. They're an undeniable distraction and the constant connection to everyone else via social media and the phone can leave us feeling like we never truly have that much-needed... More »

By Wendy Rose Gould on 28 April, 2012

When I taught English in Korea in 2008/2009, one of my favorite parts about the culture was, naturally, the beauty world. I discovered all sorts of weird and never-before-used products, such as essence masks and yes, the now popular BB cream. I... More »

By Wendy Rose Gould on 8 March, 2012

Though fall is easily my favorite season of the year, spring brings about plenty of perks as well. Among them, fresh and flirty color palettes touted by both the fashion and beauty world. Today I'm dishing about Lancôme's two new lip and nail... More »

By Wendy Rose Gould on 9 February, 2012

Players in the fashion and beauty world love collaborating to bring you the freshest accessories and chicest clothing. Check out these noteworthy collaborations that have the style world abuzz.Polyvore and Cover Girl: Polyvore LiveTwo big... More »

By Mirela Gluck on 17 January, 2012

By this point in the 21st century, it's safe to assume that most people are already aboard the social media bandwagon. Still, many men and women find themselves unskilled when it comes to dating in this fast paced world of interactive media. From... More »

By Mirela Gluck on 12 January, 2012

Budding fashion designers can now bring their style creations to life -- with the possibility of selling said creations -- thanks to a new phone application by UnitedStyles. The innovative Facebook Connect-enabled app lets the owner play fashion... More »

By Caitlin Colford on 14 December, 2011

The marriage of shopping and technology was a long time coming; they didn’t keep their relationship under wraps, although they tried. Marriage has been a bumpy ride for these two, as they attempted to keep their physical retail counterparts happy... More »

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